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As Americans, we are living in a Christian nation founded by men who were strong followers of the Lord. Thank goodness we finally have a moral president back in office now. We really need to move quickly in getting our nation back on good moral footing. The things I would really like to see: - Stop immoral and... show more

Why islam is spreading like wildfire in america?

5 answers · Ciudad Juarez · 3 days ago
Is it because people are waking up to the truth?

Why is god so anally explosive?

4 answers · Chihuahua · 3 days ago
Best answer: Because he is our Heavenly Farter

Give it up, Christians. You're hopeless?

5 answers · Zacatecas · 6 days ago
Christians and their "59 year old conservative" role model took it upon themselves to try and defeat me in order to bring back their old buddy, Blockbuster. Face it. You'll never succeed, christians.

Best answer: Not real.

Best answer: emotional instability

Why is Corvus Blackthorne such an agnostitard?

4 answers · Ixtapa - Zihuatanejo · 2 weeks ago
Clearly he hasn't got the guts to be an atheist.

They just love their god and "possible" gods. Can you recommend a good psychiatrist for this "Trinity"?

and that would be good for all people if they got saved from their sins. "salvation is of/for the jews" "he will save his people from their sins"..."gentiles do by nature what the law requires" (gentiles are naturally good/jews need salvation from their sins) gentiles do by nature the... show more

Best answer: Sounds like you have an ingrained resistance to truth.

Best answer: It's already started.