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What is a kfc fill-up?

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Where is the "Fast Food" category?

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I can't find it anywhere under "Food and Drinks" OR "Dining Out"!

What will i learn?

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well i got a job at kfc. wht will i actually learn because supermarkets and other shops rejected my application

Best answer: Burger King for sure over McDonald’s. Burger King tastes like real food. Mcdonalds burgers are greasy, flavourless and there beef has no grill marks cause it was probably justed heated up for you.

What is Taco Bells best menu item?

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Pizza coupons ?

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Best answer: It depends on what the sizes actually are. Try call and ask for the sizes in terms of inches. For example, at Dominos, a medium is 10" and a large is 12". So with the given prices, the medium would be roughly $1.10 per inch, while the large would be roughly $1.17 per inch. (the formula is: {price} ÷... show more


I've seen videos of 10 year old McDonald's burgers, and they sill haven't gone off. I know this is not normal. Not even wildlife want their stinking American garbage.

I am currently 15 and will turn 16 in July. I was wondering if I apply to McDonald’s will they consider me? And if I should send my application now or when I turn 15.

The reason I'm asking this is I'm doing my best to work my way up to being a manager of any type, currently I'm a sandwich maker at Jimmy John's. Earlier today this young man came into the Jimmy John's I work at, ordered a sub with extra, extra, extra, extra mayo (a lot of it) and he reminded... show more

Best answer: I live in Australia and also work at Mcdonalds. We have a system, boys work in the kitchen and girls work at counter and drive through. It's just easier, that way we don't have to hassle the girls to wear hairnets because guys just wear hats. To work you have to be 14 and 9 months. I wouldn't recommend... show more

Best answer: That's a tough one. I find Subway to be about the most difficult place to order for someone else at. You're best off to get 2 small subs that the other individual might like and plan on eating whichever one they don't choose.

Best answer: No, you are not a bad person, you are a person that has bad eating habits.