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Best answer: Well, no it isn't a human right but it is disgusting. Why are you still working here? And the health department should be contacted.

Best answer: If it were, would people work?

I know a company and throughout the interview process, they have a bunch of secret tests. For example, they call you for an interview late and see how you respond. They make you ask them if they're still in the process of scheduling you a final interview for the final interview to happen. They act purposefully... show more

Best answer: No. It's fine to only like certain things at Mcdonald's, I only like specific stuff from Mcdonald's too.

Best answer: yes and then he is shipping all liberals to australia

Ok so what do I do if I miss a call from an employer. Should I call back? Should I also leave a voicemail?

In N' Out or Whataburger ?

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Millennials lack job skills according to the older generation. I’m 25 and am looking to move out soon. My only skills are basic retail jobs, and administrative assistant work at a law office. I want to potentially do different work, but don’t have too many skills other than what I have experience in. I’m not sure... show more

Best answer: Yes, I used to have a vending business, it brought in about $35,000 yearly profit. The negative part was I didn't have contracts in any of the locations to keep my machines there, so I could get kicked out anytime. Only one location let me go and it wasn't a big account anyway. It was great to be making... show more

Best answer: I know of a young fellow who started working at a McDonald’s in Rapid City, s.d., ended up with several in n.d., sold them as a millionaire and started restaurants called Space Aliens, and is now franchising them.

Best answer: If you made it clear at the interview when you were available and when you were not available and they failed to respect that, then it would serve them right if you quit on the spot. However, if you are thinking to move again and might want a job at the other place, you should give them two weeks' notice. ... show more

a) yes b) no

Best answer: You're an adult. Why on earth do you need to inform them of anything? You do what you like and, if the subject comes up, you tell them. Fait accompli. Of course if you are leaving out important information e.g. you are not an adult or you still live at home or you are going to college and your parents are... show more

Best answer: Yes it's safe, but not 100% safe.

Best answer: McDonald's