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Please dont say to use chapstick. Unsuccessful methods attempted: - Nail biter polish - acrylic nails (most helpful but most damaging to nails & expensive :\ ) - chapstick - lipstick

What Ethnicity Do You Think She Is?

7 answers · 20 hours ago
Best answer: Russian?

Is my sister Shallow?

7 answers · 2 days ago
My sister tried on a Jacket at a shop when I and her went out shopping together and she said it felt really nice and comfortable but she did not want to buy the Jacket because she thought it was ugly looking. Even though the Jacket was comfortable and felt nice the only reason she decided not too buy it because... show more

Im 16 and 5'6 116lbs brunette am I to old to start being a model? how do you even start being a model? how much do they get paid?

How do people deal with ugliness?

22 answers · 6 days ago
Best answer: you never get the one u like

What do you think about her?

4 answers · 5 hours ago
I didn’t know she was buying perfume for me so she took me to shop and we were trying gents perfume. I liked one and she just bought it there and then got it even gift packed and gave it to me. What do you think about her ?

I can't have piercings?

8 answers · 3 days ago
I love having piercings, but no matter how clean I keep them and what I do. They get infected and I end up having to take them out. Lip piercings, ears, etc etc. Why?

Best answer: Generally speaking yes.

Did these random girls like me?

5 answers · 1 day ago
I was at an indoor market stall asking for a size in some pants and the girl looked said no but the other guy went to the other shop to look for me. He came back poked his head round and said ‘no, sorry mate’ I said thanks anyway to both of them then as I turned around to walk off I heard ‘oh..’ then a loud excited... show more

Kindly recommend me some places I have my anniversary this week and I am planning to get my wife a good couple pedicure and manicure as a gift. Kindly recommend me some places

Best answer: They're just jealous

Best answer: Vaseline will always be useful for many things, so I don't ever see it becoming unpopular.

Best answer: I know what you mean. I never understood why women dress provocative either. I enjoy dressing modest and I'm a woman. I would be so embarrassed going out with tight pants or mini skirts or mini shorts. I can never myself like that. I love my nice long dresses and no cleavage showing.

Do u care so long as she's hot?

What does this phrase mean ?

6 answers · 3 days ago
When you ask someone their opinion on something and they reply with you can rock it 🤔