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Someone said this about me. I know it was supposed to be a compliment, but can't help but feel super depressed over it. What if someone said this about you. I know personality is more important, but I still want the looks too.

She always tell me how better she is than me because she is a brunnete and i am blonde blue eyed...she seems to hate very much blonde blue eyed girls especially me....

Why do ugly people exist?

44 answers · 5 days ago
Evolution should get rid of ugly people

Best answer: Just do not ask question like that ever again.

Be honest.

Best answer: the girl on the right is prettier but I like Amy, too

Best answer: Jessica Alba

Best answer: Yes. It's different if it's for a sexual/romantic relationship, but looks shouldn't matter in friendship.

Best answer: I think they can

Do you think thin lips is ugly?

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Best answer: It's possible you just aren't his type. Some people like certain things and they aren't open to other things ever. Like ice cream. Some people will never ever like vanilla and will only eat chocolate. Doesn't matter how you dress up the vanilla with chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles; or... show more

Best answer: Id say she's just above average in looks.

Best answer: Yes but they can regain it back again later if they clean up their lifestyle