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Why do you wear makeup?

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Best answer: He does that to me too, only thing he’ll do is report your profile, but you can just make another one 🤷‍♂️

Which look should I on Monday?

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Best answer: Lower left.

Is this too much for a 14 year old?

46 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Don't worry, keep your chin up and slay that makeup if you want. Age is just a number, and if your parents allow you to wear it, you are fine. Slay it queen!

Best answer: Maybe... Someone is sure coordinating their news releases. They all use the same words. It's frightening when you get the same words being said on every news channel. (Not just the same story. The same exact words) I keep thinking the left is turning America is turning into North Korea. The Democrat censors... show more

Too much makeup for a 13 yr old?

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I am 13. I typically wear eyeshadow in bold colors like dark blue or red, brown eyeliner (never black), tinted lip balm, and occasionally concealer. I am thinking of adding highlighter. Even though this sounds like a lot, I keep the look age appropriate. I am not doing this to look older, rather I think its fun! I... show more

Best answer: Nude lipgloss definitely. I hate red lately. And I have always hated "liquid lipsticks" which always make a girl look like she has dried out squid lips. Not a good look

Best answer: You can't just pick the foundation of the skin color you want & think putting it on makes it your skin color. True match has this color, alabaster & I fell in love with the color in the bottle, everybody told me I looked really stupid.

I don’t wear makeup but I have bad dark circles and that makes me want to wear some.

Best answer: They are dumb and feel inferior

Hi, I’m 15. I wear makeup to school everyday and whenever I go out. I wear concealer under my eyes and on some areas around my face where there is redness, then I like “bake” it a bit with a powder, then I use a overall matte powder especially for my nose since it’s oily and then mascara. So not that much,... show more

Does make up make you look better ?

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Best answer: This is not a "guy" thing; it is a personal preference. I, personally, do not care, as long as it is not excessive. A lot of women - not all, but some - seem to think it is okay to look like clowns, which is sad, because many of these have very beautiful faces, without that 200 million layers of... show more

Best answer: lipgloss

I feel like some women use makeup to hide their self but I love natural women Who else agrees