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Best answer: The vagina and the urethra do not share the same passage in a woman. Therefore, a woman peeing after sex does not rinse out anything that the man might have deposited. In fact, peeing after sex reduces the risks of urinary tract infections that can be caused by having sex. Now - this is VERY OLD SCHOOL advice... show more

Best answer: Babies don’t born in 9 months exactly, they get born between the 9 and the 10 month. If you can concive exactly today and you get pregnant and you want an exact date for your baby you can try to fix a caesarean birth with the hospital. Caesarean births are fixed while natural birth are something that happens... show more

Is there anything else we can do?

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Best answer: Men can get a woman pregnant at any aget. When people fail to get pregnant, 40% of the time it's her problem, 40% it's his problem, the other 20% it's both of them or it can't be figured out. You can get a children's toy microscope from a toy store, put his semen in it and see if the sperm can... show more

My friend can't have his own kids but he would love to in the future. Doctor ran some test and told him he couldn't. I was wondering if he got sperm from a close relative (his father) can it be used for him to have his own kids? I've seen women have surgeries transferring ovaries to another women so... show more

Could I be infertile?

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Best answer: you could be or it could be just odds. There's only a 25% chance at best of a couple who is trying to get pregnant (that is, frequent unprotected sex) from conceiving in any month. Having sex twice around the time you were ovulating and you aren't pregnant is quite the stretch to suspect you are infertile.

My boyfriend and i had unprotected sex about 2 weeks ago. we were not thinking about it until i had mentioned that i had been having really bad cramping around the 13th/14th. i was assuming it was just ovulation. yesterday, when i went to the bathroom i noticed i had been bleeding. i am still bleeding right now and... show more

37 year old lesbian couple here, We want to have a child of our own, my wife and I would like me to expierence heterosexual intercourse atleast once in my life, since I always wanted to try it. Thought this would be a great oppurtuity! Can this legally occur? Where can I find a donor who would be willing to do so... show more

Could I be infertile?

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My partner and I have been trying to conceive for 7 months but we've had no luck. My periods are irregular. 37 days at most. Could I be infertile, or can this be common?

Hi. So I know I should probably go to the doctors but I just want to know if anyone has had similar experiences. I’ve been sexually active since I was 16. Had 3 boyfriends. I’m now 22 and have been dating my current bf for 4 years...for the past 4 years we haven’t used any type of protection and I have never ended... show more

Best answer: A DONATED sperm or egg usually retains NO connection to the donor. In most cases, donors remain anonymous. Therefore, the married parents that will actually RAISE the child will be listed on the birth certificate as the mother and father even when the egg or sperm was donated. You did NOT say surrogate mother -... show more

Should i take plan b?

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Yesterday night I had sex with someone and he ended up coming inside of me without me knowing and he says he has a low sperm count however I m ovulating. And I m only 19 hes much older than I am and I m not ready but he said dont worry?? What should I do??

How to get pregnant?

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Best answer: trying too often reduces the number and motility of the sperm give him a week rest

I had unprotected sex and my period is due in 3-4 I in the clear?

Can i get pregnant?

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Me and my boyfriend been trying for a baby this month. My fertile day started on the 7th of this month (march) which is about 5 days before ovulation and medium chance. (He did *** inside me on the 7th that night) but since sperm lives up to 3-5 days it is very likely to end up pregnant right ?

So this is my 3rd month ttc. My periods are very irregular so it’s very hard for me to track when im ovulating. This time around, Ive been feeling like I could be pregnant. I’ve been so sleepy, urinating more than usual, eating like crazy (but some things gross me out) and my nipples have been so sore and I’ve... show more

Best answer: She did not like it - end of story, almost. As with all human reactions, some people like one thing, others like another. She is probably a virgin and the idea of anybody touching her in any way at her most intimate sexual part was possibly shocking to her - with the implication that you might have wanted full... show more