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Tips on conceiving?

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Been trying for a while now and nothing happens. Any tips?

Best answer: I am 6' 3" and I dated a girl who was 4'11". The best place for you is on top. That way you can control everything. Don't worry about him, he will have a good time no matter what. Any on top works, on a bed, on a chair, couch etc...

Best answer: No you need to figure out what is making one infertile. Then treat that issue. If its egg production, then get another egg. If its sperm production then get another donor. Fixing the issue is a lot easier than trying to create a clone. That did not work out so well for dolly. The telomeres were too short. ... show more

Best answer: Not from a trained professional no.

Best answer: No but the longer you leave it the higher the risk of complications (we had our first at 39)

Can you test 9 Dpo?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
Hello. I had sexDecember 30th which according to a clue app says I was ovulating , I have a feeling I was too I can just tell when I am... I had unprotected sex. It is now 9 days past ovulation , am I okay to test? should I wait a few days? I don’t want to buy a pregnancy test tomorrow and not have a clear answer... show more

Best answer: Around 10th November 2018

Can I get pregnant?

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Okay so, my s/o and I had sex on day 18 of my cycle (my app said it was ovulation day) and like for 4/5 days straight before that I have fertile cm. We used the pull out method, and he successfully pulled out, but I remember reading an article about how pre ejaculate can get you pregnant, but he ejaculated a week... show more

Best answer: Donated sperm are always kept anonymous - Presume your name is John, do you want to think there could be hundreds of little Johns out there that you will never know? Possibly in the future when you meet the girl you want to spend your life with and possible children then one of these kids could grow up and meet and... show more

If I speak with my general doctor and bring them sperm from my chosen sperm bank for Intrauterine Insemination. Will they be able to do this? Are they allowed to reject me if I m 19?

If so.. What was the process? How did they test if you can or can't have children?

Need some advice on fertility?

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Me and my husband have been trying for a baby and we are not having much luck. I took an at home fertility test and it was negative but iv taken a few ovulation tests before and after and got positives. So I'm not sure if in fertile or not. Doesn't make scents to be able to ovulate and have a normal period... show more

How can I get pregnant quickly?

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My partner and I have been trying for almost 6 months but no luck. My periods aren't always regular so it's hard to keep track. I use ovulation tests and it says I'm fertile but I still have no luck. How can I get pregnant quickly? Is there anything I can take?

We are trying for a baby and I've heard hot water can kill sperm or stop production. Should I avoid baths all together? Or stay below a certain temp?

Due to endometriosis that damaged my ovaries and Fallopian tubes with scar tissue and a hormonal condition that doesn t allow me to ovulate. I m happy about my unplanned pregnancy as I thought I couldn t have children. doctors always said I would need IVF if there would ever be a chance and it would be a stretch... show more

Hello. I am a single 37 year old sperm donor. A 37 year old and her partner ,couple, contacted me around 9 months ago to help them conceive a child. They told me they had a donor before and tried for 2 years artificial insemination and nothing happened and something must have been wrong with him. They also spent... show more