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So far and beyond?

Best answer: I've heard it said many times

Best answer: they are getting pretty good at defeat lately, they've had enough practice ...............

Best answer: Tell her not to bring her son over any more because of the damage he causes. Be prepared to start looking for another baby sitter.

Best answer: Read to him.... read to him some more.... read to him even more. Talk to him... talk to him some more... talk to him even more. If he has siblings... tell them to let their brother get a word in.

Best answer: Just refuse to give in to her, let her have a tantrum, she is far too old to be using these items, her teeth will be sticking out, if they are not already, you have to be strong, praise her if she does not moan about it, tell her how grown up she is to be without the items, you are the parent, do you want her to be... show more

Best answer: Get down at her level... Take her where she needs to be and show her what it is she needs to do- Do it for her, if necessary. Give her an incentive to do what it is you need for her to do- tell her to do it or she will NOT get a snack, go play, go home,etc. If necessary, tell her to look in your eyes, hold both... show more

Best answer: You have children and enjoy the same things through them. Circle of life stuff. Because that thing you thought was wonderful then? You aren't going to think it is wonderful now, except as nostalgia, because you're not a child.

He never told you what happened to his last wife, did he?

Best answer: He's barely a parent so he doesn't know what he's talking about. Girls usually potty train sometime between 2 and 3 (average is closer to 3), and while some boys train before 3, a little over 3 years old is actually the average. I agree with SayItRight in telling your ex that you're not going to... show more

What kind of sick of this toddler?

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I babysat a 3 year old toddler last night and she started having watery diarrhea when I was watching her. She had it twice. She didn’t have anymore yesterday evening but this morning she only had it once, no more. She has Still been eating normal and jumping around. She also has taking steroids and she had... show more

Best answer: You can say, "Hey son, guess what? Junior sh*t on the floor today. Here's a paper towel, now go clean it up."

Best answer: potty train your tins and be grateful your ex is largely out of your life - limit your contact with him he is no helpful is he

Does my child hate me?

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My 4year old causes a great deal of stress in my life. She never listens regardless of discipline. She will never eat what I cook . She only wants snacks/desert and she is an expert at manipulation. If I tell her “NO”, she will either cry or “tell” her dad or other family members on me. They always give in to her.... show more

Best answer: they are nazis. you cant reason with a NAZI

We have had 9 snow days and now it's raining on spring break 😩. I've run out of fun stuff for us to do. My daughter is three and we've made picture frames, painted, play dough-ed, made obstacle courses, tea parties, made race tracks for her cars, made a baking soda volcano, we've done slime (NEVER... show more

If we look at the richest countries in the world we see America, we see Japan, we see Germany, we see France. Very interestingly, all of those countries have problems with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Only Japan is spared. And it's easy to see why. An illegal immigrant in Japan is not even allowed to rent a room... show more