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The natives and the Mexicans lost their land. White people should be proud of that just like they are proud to have won WW2. No difference. Anyone who says otherwise is ANTI-AMERICAN and ANTI-WHITE

I know that children can forget to say please and thank you but my niece never says it. I know the excitement of a new toy can make them forget but when an adult prompts them to they will then say thank you. My niece never does, she is spoilt and even when prompted for a thank you she will not look at us, and carry... show more

I have four year old boy/girl twins, and the girl absolutely will not use the toilet! My son is fully trained and has been for almost 4 months now. I’ve tried everything I know of to encourage her to use the bathroom. Rewards, sticker charts, toys, candy, I even told her if she started using the bathroom she would... show more

When should I start spanking ?

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My daughter is 14 months old, at what age should I start spanking her for not listening?

Am I fat? Please be honest?

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I kiss them and I am surprised that they are my children leftists why am I surprised??

My grandson is 2 years and 3 months old and he cannot speak yet. He is in a house with 2 languages, but I am concerned. He runs around, can eat properly alone (solid foods) smiles and laughs, but points to things and does not always pay attention when you are calling him. We are in the UK if the country would help... show more

I put my kids to bed at 8:00pm. Most of the time they don’t fall asleep till 9:00. My son will always wake around midnight to 2:00am and won’t fall back asleep until a noise or light wakes me up around 4-5am and I put him back to bed. Sometime I don’t catch him and find him asleep on the couch or floor. This... show more

4 year old keeps soiling in pants?

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My 4 year old has been soiling himself for months now I d thought he d grow out of it. I m at my wits end, he knows where the toilet is and how to use it, he wees in there all of the time we have set up a sicker chart which if he fills up he gets a big prize (worked for less than a week) He goes on the toilet to... show more

Best answer: walking. Have you seen how complicated this simple process is? Boston Dynamics are still working on this crap after years!

So my daughters father and I have been separated for almost 3 years now. My current boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half and recently started living together 2 months ago. In the beginning, my toddler liked my new boyfriend and would ask for him/play and laugh with him. As we got closer and... show more

Best answer: You need to do the training, not the 8 year old.

Best answer: The younger the better. I never took gymnastics but my mom put me in dance when i was 2. Its not about being able to do flips and stretches at age 3, its more about introduction. The more your child is around a certain culture in a specific art, the more she will do well because its a way of life. So no, 3 is... show more

My 4 year old daughter has been waking up in the middle of the night vomiting for the past 3 weeks. At first it was every day but now it s every other day or every couple days. We have brought her into the doctors multiple times but they don t know what s wrong and just said it could be anxiety. We are very certain... show more