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Best answer: very childish

Praise Christianity. We rule the world. Are you jealous of our Godly power?

He's 26-months old and he whines constantly. When whining doesn't work, he cries, and I don't know what to do. I have tried placing him in his bed when he whines, telling him I will not speak to him until he is ready to act like a big boy, and simply ignoring him until he stops, but nothing seems to be... show more

I have this 2 year old who throws fits constantly. When we go outside he goes but then we go back inside after a few minutes of play time outside and he can sometimes throw fit to where he throws himself on the floor. Another instance is that when we go do a fire drill, he will pace back and forth from inside to... show more

Help! 2 year old won’t walk?

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I have a just turned 2 year old girl who refuses who walk. It’s starting to worry me. She’s taken steps before and with walk along the furniture and other things. We will stand her up and she will just drop down to her knees and knee walk which she has gotten really good at lol. We’ve taken her to the doctor,... show more

Hi my daughter is 6 years old and still chews her index fingers and thumbs to settle down to go to sleep she use to have a dummy until she was 2/3 years old, is it something I should be worried about with her teeth or will she grow out of it on her own?

Best answer: You call him by his real name, instead of naming him after a former Luton Town hooligan, so good for you. I don't know why he still goes by Tommy Robinson, seeing as most people know his real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.

Best answer: People of childbearing age don't, for the most part, know anything about infectious disease and how devastating it can be. Older people remember- vaguely- of a time when children actually died of things for which there are now routine vaccinations. Since the dangers aren't visible to them, and never have... show more

Tomorrow morning, I need to take my 2 year old with me to an appointment. I won't have my car because it's in the shop.The appointment is about a 2 minute drive from home, so about a 5 minute walk. Will he be okay for a 5 minute walk in extremely cold weather? The forecast says it's going to be mostly... show more

To much to time for toddler?

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I feel like my 4 year old sister watches too much TV. My mom who is a great mom is going through things right now and often turns the TV on when she needs to distract her. My little sister is VERY smart. She learned to read very early. She can read ANYTHING! She can read this question if she wanted without any... show more

A child at the daycare I work at has been showing up with scratch marks, bruises and a black eye. When I questioned him, he told me his older brother who also comes to the daycare was the cause of them. I brought this up to my boss and she said that she would handle it, but I'm concerned for the little boy.

My grandma loves getting attention any way she can, so she came in the room bothering my son while he was watching t.v. he kept indicating for her to stop but she kept wrestling with him finally I heard her shout out. He bit her on her thigh. She finally stopped playing with him. Anyways this morning she showed... show more

Republicans or Democrats. Would the wall of just continued to expand without any real notice or concern?

My son woke later than normal this morning. For breakfast he had mini muffins, a banana, and milk. My noon he was ready for a nap so I laid him down. He slept for three hours which is a bit abnormal but not alarming. While he was napping I heard him coughing a bit. (He's recovering from a cold.) When I went in... show more

Best answer: If this is a true story, unless your child is saying that her father's wife is inflicting these bruises on her, you don't have any evidence of abuse. Children in these situations are often very angry and upset, and understandably so. She has lost the family she had, and she has had a new step mother... show more

Its almost like she gets a certain vibe from some people and it makes her cry. Like with one of my aunts (who usually speaks loudy and is very outgoing). Im jot sure what it means..

He doesnt know any words yet, so when he tries to communicate with me he only says ahh ah ahhh..or cries in frustration. I read to him (prob not enough), I try to make him imitate the way my mouth moves making diff sounds or words but he doesnt really try to sound out anything. He occasionally makes sounds like... show more