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Have you ever shot a bow and arrow 🏹?

139 answers · Newborn & Baby · 4 days ago

Is the name "Maude" too old fashioned?

10 answers · Baby Names · 4 hours ago
Title. I think it's really pretty, but is it too old or obscure? What do you think?

Why do liberal beta males hate masculinity so much?

7 answers · Grade-Schooler · 7 hours ago
Best answer: Because being expected to perform puts too much stress on them.

I am not ezpecting. This is just a general wondering question. I am not naming anyone theae.

Does Sloane sound like a boys name?

25 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago
I don’t like this name but bf loves it.

When did you deliver your firstborn?

10 answers · Pregnancy · 1 day ago
I read an article that said first-time moms tend to be pregnant for about 41 weeks instead of delivering on or before their due date (not counting those who get induced for whatever reason, of course). As a first-timer myself, I'm curious about how accurate this is. I know every woman and every pregnancy is... show more

Darrell Hugo Rafael Jonas Frank Seth Warren Fintan Jotham Frederick Darren Zane Walter Zeke Felix Tobias Elliott Aubrey Conrad Byron Isaac Conan Colby Donovan Micah Preston Elroy Trevor Zed Mitchell Josias

Can I be a ‘90s baby if I was born in 2000?

13 answers · Other - Yahoo Widgets · 13 hours ago

Is it only Americans that call football soccer?

18 answers · Newborn & Baby · 1 day ago
What about in Africa? Or Australia?

Do you like the name Caleb or Calvin better?

22 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago

Best answer: Yes that is pretty much it

Could she be late or pregnant?

7 answers · Pregnancy · 1 day ago
Hi guys so this month my girlfriend is 6 days late on her period. We had sex twice this month but used protection both times. She’s been late like this before but I’m still nervous. Could there be a chance that sex/stress messed up her cycle?

I’m 17 and pregnant what should i do?

29 answers · Pregnancy · 3 days ago
okay so last night i took a pregnancy test and found out i’m pregnant i’ve only been dating the guy for a couple months and when i told him at first he wanted me to get an abortion then literally 5 seconds later he said he wanted to keep it. my main dilemma is my mom insists on me getting an abortion bc me and the... show more

Thought on these names?

18 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago
For a girl: Violet Elleen Jessi Clementine Maxine Talia Echo For a boy: Tate Warren Gray Ash Jun Thoughts?

Can’t afford a bigger house at this time, so we will figure something out. With 2, basically my wife and I take care of 1 child each and we have a good routine going. With the extra that means more responsibility and challenge. Can anyone with more than 2 give me experience? Wife and I will still continue to work... show more

Let me explain. This morning Yahoo posted an article about a restaurant that created a list of clothing you cannot wear and said this list is racist. But isnt it racist that Yahoo interprets this list of clothing as appearal only minorities wear? They basically labeled minorities and became the guy who says all... show more

Kingsley for a girl??

14 answers · Baby Names · 2 days ago