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Best answer: Always playing with his snowballs.

Best answer: It's the "Invisrifle R7000". It was actually invented in 1946, but they put down the prototype in a busy workshop and it's taken them over 60 years to find it again.

Have ye ever tried to eat a clock?

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Best answer: do i look like an alligator to you!?

Poll: say a funny joke?

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Best answer: Doctor: You're going to die. Patient: What! When? Doctor: 10. Patient: 10 what? 10 years? 10 months? 10 days? 10 what?! Doctor: 9.

Best answer: A period.

It works

Best answer: deceiving

Is Obama on the naughty list?

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Santa says Obama bad but he nice. Is Obama on naughty list?

Best answer: Yes he is old enough to be there.