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Why US imporst soviet rifles?

9 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: US does not import Soviet rifles for its military forces. For the record, since the USSR stopped being an entity in 1991, there is no such thing as new Soviet rifles being produced AT ALL. There are Russian weapons being made, but none of them are procured by US military. Now, it is entirely possible that private... show more

I mean, they were called “The Founding Fathers of America”? Not the “Founding Mother’s”??

Best answer: You don't register for Selective Services(the draft) until 18. You are eligible to serve with parental permission before 18, but that's a choice that both you and your parents/guardians need to agree on. Also since the draft hasn't been run for over 40 years you really should word it correctly, which is... show more

Best answer: Often. in fact, usually. I refer to FORMER chairman obama as "FORMER chairman obama".

Are they seriously that proud of him?

im vegan and i went into a restaurant and i saw they had meat on the menu and when i screamed at them that meat is evil they told me to leave should i sue them?

Baby boy names?

9 answers · 3 hours ago
We have a little boy due to arrive soon with no names that we like OR agree on which has resulted in an argument and left us not talking to one another. We have an almost 2 yr old daughter named Birdie James Boyfriends last name starts with an E

Best answer: No. You have to go through the Ranger course in the military to be a Ranger.

What kind of name is Marcello?

7 answers · 19 hours ago
Best answer: It means “prince of the humorous arts” in Slobovian

Do you like butter on your buns?

13 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: No, I prefer butter on her buns.

Do commandos wear pants?

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Watch out for that tree?

I am about to go to Paris island in less then 2 weeks and I just got news from my recruiter that I cant do infinity because my opening closed. I am stuck with on base jobs now. I'm just wondering if I will still get some infintry training at the mos school and how hard it is to make a lateral move.

Best answer: suddenly you care about military service. I am laughing at you...