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Poll do you hate animals?

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I need to bring one dessert for a holiday party on 12/15. I love both cakes so much.

Surprise snack Ideas for guest?

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I want to bring suprise snacks for people helping me with a project. It takes about an hour to finish and is done early afternoon so i wanted to give a small snack with a small bottle of water to hold them over until lunch. I dont want to do anything too sugary. Do you guys have any ideas of what I should offer?

Best answer: it does not have cocoa so it is not technically a chocolate. its the poor but yummy distant relative of chocolate

My birthday is in January but I’m feeling kinda old for like an actual birthday party if you know what I mean. We are going to the Met for my moms/grandmas/my birthday dinner so I don’t really want to go out to a restaurant. So I thought I bonfire with my friends would be cool. If it’s not a good idea any other ideas?

Best answer: There may be electrical feedback in the electrical system from hooking the battery up backwards. Take the cables off the battery and hold them together for 30 seconds to drain any electrical interference. Check all the fusible links in the engine compartment fuse box They are the larger fuses. One of them should... show more

Best answer: 2 sailors 10,000 marines 15,000 soldiers 20,00 airmen

Best answer: Yes, that s all you need

Best answer: sure-but bring a variety of types-at least four types in a basket with at least two different cream cheese spreads, two jelly spreads and a bag of sugared almonds with a fancy bow If you're going to bring something do it right.

why did the left try to force us to buy some product most of us didn't need, didn't want and could not afford? maybe their "right to choose" is only a right when you choose things they agree with?

source: https://bit.ly/2EtxPaj

Best answer: I recommend a gas mask to go to Uranus, rubber boots are OK as long as they have traction. No one wants to slip and fall on Uranus.

Best answer: Too bad his favorite post got deleted: "Have you shot a conservative today?" He posted that shortly after the Congressional baseball game shooting. He is a hateful, violent, ignorant pig.

Invited girl to party?

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I Invited a girl to a party. They weren't allowed to come to the party because the people at the front door said they came too late. They came a couple hours after the party started. Does it make me look bad that I invited them and they couldn't get into the party?