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Best answer: I can name a dozen or so parks near me that have pavilions and picnic tables for large gatherings. Even at 90, I bet he would enjoy the sunshine and conversation. There are usually small grills for burgers or hot dogs, or you can bring your own. Make sure to have plenty of water for everyone. And if there will... show more

Share your favor snack suggestions?

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What's the best ice cream?

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Best answer: Rocky Road

Poll: do you have sex everyday?

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My neighbor invited me to a barbecue, it's on Sunday (tomorrow). And they said they will be barbecuing things like ribs, steak, hamburgers, and stuff like that. Last time I went to one of their barbecues was last year and I didn't like the food, it was gross. I was thinking about going to Hardee's or... show more

Best answer: A housewarming is no different than any other party, except that is the first one in your new home. Provide food and drink for your guests. Make sure the house is clean Mix and mingle with everyone. Introduce people to guests they may have something in common with. DO NOT set up a gift table. This is not a... show more

I want everyone to enjoy it and I don’t wanna stick them to just playing games or whatever, but I was thinking we could have stuff for those who wanna chill just not sure what

Best answer: You don't need animal meat to make a full, balanced meal. Some people have eaten vegetarian meals all their lives and are perfectly healthy. They know that foods made from legumes (beans, peas) eaten together with foods made from grains (wheat, rice, corn, etc.) form complete proteins. If I were you, I'd... show more

Best answer: Your 15 minutes have arrived. Roll out the red carpet. the honoree dressed in everything from a hospital gown to a tuxedo.thank you, I love you, I’ll remember you. And goodbye.go online and buy a casket. prepare for the inevitable, and bond while focusing on life express love, gratitude and those things we... show more

So for my birthday I wanted to throw a family party and originally because my favourite type of food is Mexican I was going to base it around that. I later found out my birthday is on cinco de Mayo. I’d really like to have this party as I love Mexican food and the big buffet is the main part of my party however I... show more

Japan themed birthday party ideas?

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So I’m hoping to have a Japan themed birthday party this year, (its in November but I’m getting an early start!) And I’m not sure what to do for like games, party favors, food, decor, and some other stuff, so any good ideas? Thanks! (Picture for getting a general idea)

Best answer: Figure on roughly a 3 oz portion per kid. You'd be surprised how many grapes that is. That would be about 5 kids to a pound. You would need 4 pounds. Get 5. Some for teacher, and some extra for the hungrier kids.

Pineapple on pizza- yay or nay?

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How to get a better grip on popcorn?

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Best answer: Eat it anyways ,Popcorn is the only snack that is 100 percent unprocessed whole grain. Just one serving contains more than 70 percent of the recommended daily whole grain intake

We have the decor ourselves. The problem is a large family and tight budget.

Do adults have graduation parties?

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Best answer: Good for you for going the distance and graduating!! Of course you have to celebrate, and have a good time with it too!! You could have the theme set as 'I guess we are adults now', kind of tongue in cheek.

Look it up. This is for real