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Does anyone still use Vista?

12 answers · 3 days ago

My windows 7 keeps rebooting?

9 answers · 4 days ago

I can’t type on my documents, there are grey boxes, almost like they’ve been highlighted and I am unable to type in these areas. How do I get rid of this?

How does a software house works?

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Best answer: you cannot make a bootable disc without a boot image. Windows discs have one built in. here is a guide:

I’m on a macbook and the file won’t save as pdf it keeps saving without the pdf symbol does anyone know how to correct this?

Best answer: Well, I'm a power user so my experience probably wouldn't be relevant to most other people. So I will relate from someone else's perspective. I used to help an elderly gentlemen, a friend of the family, with his computer. He had been using Windows XP, then switched to Windows 7. He had a lot of problems... show more

I'm 12. voreaphillia is a fetish of eaten / being eaten whole

Best answer: The operating systém (Windows 3.0) was designed when internet did not exist.