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If you write something in the note pad or word document, how can it execute code. It shouldn't matter what is written in the note pad or word documents as its just a tool to write and display text.

What is IOS Swift?

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Assume you are working with a 2 dimensional array defined as int myArray[10][10] and you want to pass it to a function. You define the function as void ArrayManip(int buf[][]) but you find you get a compile error. (Try it) What do you need to do to... show more

I know most kids who are on the road to doing something with IT are already coding by 10 or younger. I barely know anything yet. I have no idea where or how to start. Are there any free apps I can download that will help me learn to code? Or any books that the libraries might have? Thanks.

Best answer: Go for it. Dont get old regretting about things you couldve done. If it catches your interest, do it. CS is a good choice, technology only grows. You can be anything from a graphics/web/game/software designer to a programmer to one of those geeksquads at bestbuy lol jk, hopefully not the latter. Point is you'll... show more

Should I learn Python or JavaScript?

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Best answer: Depends on what your are trying to achieve, these two languages have very different uses cases.

Best answer: If this is an actual website, chances are it's hosted within your company and is actually part of the intranet, as opposed to the internet. Which means the server the website is running on is physically located in your company's server room. For access from home you need a VPN connection; this essentially... show more

I recently got into programming. I am learning Python, because it's beginner friendly. But I feel guilty for using 3rd party modules, because it feels like it's not my application anymore, it's someone else's code doing the work. Do companies use modules/libraries made from the community? or do they... show more

Best answer: Of all the things you could have done... Lemme think on that.

Take any language; let’s say, Python, for example. That source code gets complied into numbers that the computer understands, and those numbers form patterns to create images, like this yahoo page. First of all, the fact that a sequence of numbers can translate to words is bizarre, primarily because computers... show more

Best answer: It s machine code written in hexadecimal.