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I've been trolling for years now but this year my trolling has become worse. I troll on Facebook and Instagram using a fake name(actually I use multiple fake names). Can I be tracked down somehow?

I accidentally ran into child porn on google images and I’m A) scared for my life and B) wondering wtf that stuff is doing on google images

How can you earn money through youtube?

12 answers · YouTube · 4 days ago

Any good videos to watch on youtube?

15 answers · YouTube · 6 days ago

What s a cool username for someone whose real name is mohammad?

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Not visiting the website, just looking at the image itself? My friend and I are having a debate on this

Why did Facebook block me ?

9 answers · Facebook · 6 days ago
Best answer: When you do something too fast (liking posts/pages, sending friend requests etc), Facebook will temporary ban you from doing that action.

Best answer: Your EX may still want to be Friends with you Perhaps ? or maybe he Realized he made a Mistake Breaking up with you and may still have some Feelings

How the f*** do I fix this on Google Chrome?

6 answers · Google · 3 days ago
I can't seem to figure out why my search bar has disappeared and Yahoo is now the default search. Could anyone offer some help?? Thank you.

Best answer: If you haven't knowingly done or said anything messed up and you get blocked, then that's someone who doesn't deserve to be in your life. I really believe that people abuse the block button sometimes and need to grow up. I will say that some people do have legitimate reasons for blocking, but don't... show more

How can I connect to the Internet?

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Best answer: Can you not use the same way you used to send your question?