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How much storage is on a sd card?

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Buying a new laptop for school. Looking at the vivo book, but would take any suggestions between $600-$800.

Is the humidity bad for my laptop while I m in the shower?

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Why is my laptop randomly shutting off?

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Best answer: Maybe the computer settings are set to forbid other computers from seeking access to your computer. That happened to me when I bought a new laptop. The security settings were set to maximum and every time I tried to connect to a video site the computer turned itself off until I lowered the computer's settings.

HDD beeping?

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Best answer: uh, HDDs don't beep. BIOS beeps are the only BIOS on startup. probably a fan overvoltage warning. one of your fans may need replaced. find out which one is running fast and replace.

Do they make laptops without the camera?

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Checked origin site for a new system and noticed that the higher speed ram was cheaper

How can i connect my labtop to my printer?

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How do I wipe everything off my Lenovo 320 ideapad laptop?

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I haven’t got a novo button on it or on the side. I just want everything off it so I can sell it.

Get a document off a printer?

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Is there printer history that I can go to and look for an assignment that I once printed? I need to turn it in again and odnt have it saved, but if I can go into my printer s history and save it then I could reprint it. I have an HP Envy 7640 Series

once extracted, will the partitions be created as well, or will it be an issue? thanks for any help.

What s the difference between an androdd and an iPhone?

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Computer Monitor Keeps Going Off, Why?

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Best answer: That is always a question. What to do with all these old computers. We can t answer it for you, bud. Only you can find a niche to fill. Some thing to think about: Media center. Learn Linux, Ubuntu, torrent box. learn to code on it. or use it as a retro game emulator.

Is this gaming PC worth the price?

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I m in the market to buy a gaming PC. I m not too educated with hardware of a PC and I wanted to know if this was a good deal for what I m getting. $390 Intel Core I5-4590 Haswell CPU Processor. Asus Stryx NVidia GeForce GTX 970 4gb GDDR5 Graphics card. Gigabyte B85M-D3H Motherboard. 12gb DDR3 1600MHz RAM.... show more

Who updates tracking numbers for orders?

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Is itnworth buying a used GPU from a miner?

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Best answer: They are probably selling them to upgrade hardware or get out of crypto currency from the recent crash. The issue I've had with well used video cards is their fans will die out. While this may seem like an easy fix, these fans are often custom fans integrated into the heat-sink which are not that easy to fix.... show more