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What is my ssid on this computer?

8 answers · Computer Networking · 2 days ago

I was banned from this forum and created another account using a VPN. They realized it was me and banned me again. I emailed them saying I will continue violating their ban. When I emailed them I was on my work's public wifi, which anyone can connect to. My question is, would they try to contact the internet... show more

Facebook message request?

10 answers · Facebook · 3 days ago
Best answer: Just ignore it or say no to the message request.

He wants to do a budget on all our spendings?

8 answers · Software · 2 days ago
So I’m 29 Been with bf nearly 4 years, lived together 2. So he all of a sudden wants to do a budget and keep track of all our everyday spendings, even a $5 drink. He wants us to enter it on an excel spread sheet and update it every time we spend. I thought it was annoying and can’t be bothered because I don’t... show more

I started talking to a guy I met recently online and we exchanged cell phone numbers. I was careful not to share my personal details with him; no pictures, he only knew my first name, and the state I lived in. A few days later he claimed that he had found my facebook profile because I came up as a suggested friend.... show more

My broadband speed is capped at 20Mbps and I generally see 18 to 19 Mbps when connected via wifi. I can't try this out until I buy a long ethernet cable, and I don't want to buy one just to try it. While my PC usually connects at a high speed, will a hard connection maybe improve signal reliability... show more

They suspended me, they won't give me a reason other than list of broke one of terms. Don't know which rules. Anyway should I make new account? Or don't do anything for a while maybe year or so before make new account? Ya know wanna keep myself profile low and hopefully they forget me before I made new... show more

Is a chromebook better than a laptop?

8 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 2 days ago
I'm in college and I need a new laptop, because mine is basically falling apart and I keep getting rebooted with that bluescreen thing every couple of ours I will basically be using it for assignments, essays, possibly online tests and occasionally gaming and watching youtube

I was on my bfs phone and i checked his messenger and it was like only 6 conversations, when usually it’s a whole lot like hundreds from over the years. i even checked his account info to make sure it wasn’t another account. it was the same. the 6 conversations were guy friends and then he deleted the app. so i... show more

Wifi question?

13 answers · Computer Networking · 4 days ago
I will be going to college and moving into a dorm soon. At the dorms they have a public wifi network that everyone will using but they also have ethernet ports in the dorm rooms as well. My question is if I bring my own Asus rt-n12 router and connect to the ethernet port and have it be my personal wifi instead of... show more

Best answer: Its already bit them minority's, blacks, colored people will neve make the mistake again what they did with obama

Question about using a wireless router wired and wireless?

5 answers · Computer Networking · 1 day ago
I was wondering with a wireless router can i hook up my mac and ps4 wired from the wireless router while also using my iphones and ipad wireless from same said router?

Do you believe Robots will "Replace" us?

7 answers · Computer Networking · 2 days ago
They are predicting that robots will take jobs from humans in the next 20 years or so, and they will take over everything Are you afraid at all??