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I’ve realized that in the mirror I look so sexy, like 8/10, but when I take my iPhone X camera (not bragging just saying what camera) and take a selfie even at 10 feet away I look HORRIBLE, like my jaw is crooked a little, lips are not symmetrical at ALL! My eyes are two different sizes and last but the worst one... show more

NIKON D3400?

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Ive finally decided to actually buy a camera this time, Ive been wanting to for years but then see a review that someones camera broke shortly after purchasing it and I dont have that kind of money to blow. The Nikon D3400 DSLR seems to be a really good camera. I just want to know if its worth it? If it will last... show more

Looking for a DSLR camera for under $600 USD, I know it wont be ‘professional quality’ but Im sure you could get a pretty good quality cam for that price right? I take pictures outside quite often so it would have to work in both dim and bright sunlight and not only when usibg the flash. Any recommendations?... show more

That s what the manual says to use though, and every other sd card I tried says memory card error. Please help

Best answer: We aren't there yet, but we are getting closer. Actual image quality has no theoretical limit, but human vision has a finite limit of resolution, so at some point cameras will be able to "see" better than we can. There will be no reason to go any farther than that, but you can bet that the... show more

Best answer: A mirrored mylar suit of the kind that you wear when you're working with lasers. Should make you relatively invisible to infrared.

Best answer: Use ISO 100 and if that still gives you graining footage, then the G7X was not the right camera for you. You would get vastly superior results with a camcorder instead of using the G7x which has a very small sensor that inherently produces a lot noise. Because the pixels are so small, you will need to keep the ISO... show more

Best answer: There are pros and cons to the various video devices. SMARTPHONES: Pro: One device for pretty much everything from phone, to camera, to video camera, to calculator to audio recorder, etc... Cons: While it does a lot of things, it doesn't do any of them well. Video is poor in low light which is being kind. ... show more

I m looking for a decent but not too expensive camera to basically do my own pictures with. I want to use a back drop etc to try and make it look professional.

Why doesn't my film camera turn on?

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Best answer: First, check the condition of the batteries. Next, make sure that you inserted them correctly into the camera. It's a common mistake to put batteries in backwards. Next, while you're checking your batteries, check the condition of the battery contacts. They must be free of any white or green gunk that... show more