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Best answer: I have never had anyone > demand < that. I have switched seats numerous times on polite request.

We want to take away the automatic ones we don't need mass murders every day. Stop lying just because it's one gun doesn't mean all guns. Creating problems out of thin air.

What is wrong with the plane?

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Can I fly with my birth certificate only?

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What is Justin Bieber’s nationality?

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Where was that most hated musician Justin Bieber born?

I have a check from Canada, where do I go to cash it?

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Saw a video of them recently at a Buck Palace reception. Thought they looked rather unwell. In comparison to the Queen who looks so sprightly and well for your age, the Prince and Duchess both looked haggard, bloated, with heavily creased skin. Charles had a very red face and his hands were swollen. The Duchess had... show more

Best answer: I'm not worried about what somebody else deems a sin, so I would go with whichever consenting adult I want.

My maternal great father is Irish and I grew up hearing the stories of my family and how an Irishman fell in love with one of his slaves, had children with her, freed the children and gave them land and money which was very rare. His family however didn’t like what happened and disowned him for it. I researched the... show more

And once this child is born, and reaches 18 years of age, will this child of The Duke & Duchess of Sussex have to pay US Taxes seeing that Meghan is a US citizen by birth?

How do I steal a dog?

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I want a dog but I got denied by the breeder. I know this sounds weird but I told my friends I had a dog and really need a dog now. It’s complicated. Any ideas?

or are you still going to try to squeeze apple juice out of oranges and waste millions more of taxpayers money again with more bogus investigations?