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Best answer: Proud enough to stand at attention during the National Anthem and salute my Country's Flag.

Best answer: How do you know they didn't? Did you read EVERYthing? Mostly, because Kid Rock really hasn't done anything stupid.

I am getting ready to quit my engineering job and I am moving south in an area where I can buy a small 700 sq ft house for 50,000 but does need some work like 10,000 because I will do it all myself. I am going to get a part time retail job just to have something to do. IDK what I would do about health insurance ... show more

Best answer: No but he is spinning some things that will eventually be forgotten about in a year. No No No trial coming.

What is the most painful defeat for Democrats?

61 answers · Politics · 22 hours ago
A. 2016 election B. Mueller’s “exoneration” of Trump

Best answer: The Mueller report was not released.

Why don't Democrats respect President Trump?

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I don't care HOW MUCH you libs hate Trump. Trump is STILL your president. You either RESPECT the Office of the President of the United States or LEAVE this country! We dealt with Obama for 8 years and didn't act half as silly as you libs! Either respect the Office or GET OUT!

Is michelle obama the most intelligent first lady?

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She has two ivy deague degrees without white privilage assistance. As you learned from lori loughlin white people get all the top priorities as they can pay for your spot. https://www.theatlantic.com/education/ar...

Have you ever smoked weed before?

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Why does the USA love Israel so much?

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Is the media the enemy of the people?

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Best answer: Not at all.

How to survive a workplace cult?

20 answers · Law & Ethics · 20 hours ago
Before any of your smartalics respond with "leave"--that is not an option. I am independent thinker and strong-willed. I have to build up my resume and I can't leave this position, which is unfortunately part of a cult. People are really fake and they do not want to hear the truth. I can't hide... show more