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Best answer: Yes. They should be let back in when they want inside. My 8 year old German Shepherd likes to spend an hour or so outside playing in the snow -- or more if my kids are there. But he certainly would NOT be OK spending the whole night outside.

still don’t have him yet but i’d like to see your name suggestions :)!

Where to go locally to get cheap Beef Bones?

24 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
Best answer: Use Google and find LOCAL butchers and small meat shops, they are always cheaper and there are fewer people touching and handling the meat and you know where it comes from

My boyfriend likes his dog more than me?

19 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago
Best answer: I don't think he likes the dog more but differently. If you are a person that does not like pets and you find yourself in a relationship with a person that loves pets be prepared to make some sacrifices.

What’s your favorite dog breed?

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I really wanted to get a puppy and I went shopping today and saw a puppy that I connected with. She made me cry! I am however living in an apartment classes only 6-10 Monday’s and Wednesday and the I’m looking for a full time job. I have a house she can stay at and play with other puppies at times and people that... show more

I feel really bad for the innocent farm animals that are being slaughtered for food when we can simply eat vegetables and fruits.


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Best answer: This one needs to be taken care of by your vet. It's likely going to be okay, but you'll need to get her to a vet for medical care. This is important. Please take her into your emergency vet.

What is so appealing about dogs?

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Best answer: Dogs are helpful creatures. The only thing rabbits are good for is being thrown in a stew.

I have relatively severe anxiety and depression, and I know that an ESA (emotional support animal) would benefit me greatly. I have proposed the idea of adopting a male kitten with the assumption that the responsibility of it's care would fall on me. However, my parents have a few issues with it. We already... show more

Is killing a animal that’s dying justified ?

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I was just randomly thinking about this at 1 am but let’s say someone hit a animal like a dog and it’s gonna die there is no way saving it but it’s slowly painfully dying is it justified to kill it quick so it wouldn’t have to suffer and just die . Would it be justified to kill a animal in that situation ?

Which dog breed should we get?

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Best answer: Most breeds that are termed "protective" fall into two sub-groups: watch dogs that are barker alarm dogs (only) and those that ("may" or may not) actually stand their ground at at least threaten to bite, if challenged or if they perceive a threat to: you, the home or yard. (This can become... show more

Can I feed my dog raw meat?

13 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago
Best answer: You can, but not unless you do some reading and research. It is not as simple as that. No dog or wolf eats "JUST" raw meat - in the wild. It would be an UNBALANCED DIET if it did. All wild canines or lupines eat both RAW MEAT and RAW BONE from any carcass. Dogs require CALCIUM and phosphorus in... show more

Why do people care about puppy mills?

12 answers · Dogs · 23 hours ago
Best answer: Because puppy mills are the worst of the worst - like Nazi concentrations camps. Parent animals are caged 24/7 and never handled, never exercised never groomed or washed. The females are bred back to back to back until they stop producing or DIE in another attempt to produce. A number of these animals are seen... show more

Any guess about this dogs breed?

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Best answer: Oh dear. VET- NOW. This actually is actually a really big deal. Cooked chicken bones can slice up a dog's digestive system. If the bones were not raw, it's important to get to a vet right away for x-rays. They may just have to monitor, or give medication, but it's very important you get in as soon as... show more

Why is my cat DEATHLY afraid of baths?

10 answers · Cats · 21 hours ago
I have a kitten who has never had a bad previous experience that I know of. I got him very young and he has gone into my bath before when the water was off. Today I decided to give him a bath because the vet told me he had fleas. The first few months of his life that I was not present he was an outdoor cat. Maybe... show more

Pet vaccines Your Opinion?

14 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago
I'm mostly addressing the experienced people, the handlers, the breeders and any one who might have researched this. What is your opinion on doing all the recommended vaccines for cats dogs and horses?