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Please explain

Best answer: Look at what "The Economist" has to say about Trump --- they are a bunch of smart, well-educated Brits with a bias toward capitalism and good government.

What can you say about fake news?

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edited and influenced by the old boys in the cabinet

The statement is this: Democrats are wrong about absolutely everything; Republicans are right about absolutely everything.

Best answer: CNN doesn't cover real news. If they did, their brainless zombie-like viewers would be confused and possibly commit suicide.

Best answer: They've be3en brainwashed, so they're hopelessly retarded and mindlessly believ3e all the awful lies MSNBC and CNN tell.

Best answer: I hate it too, there are a few things you can do - join a campaign to stop it switch your wifi hub off every night switch off and keep your mobile and tablets well away from where you sleep don't have a smart metre or tv keep your body in optimum health - plenty of omega 3 vit c zinc etc get organic... show more

Best answer: i am pretty sure Time Warner owns CNN. Now, who owns Time Warner? Wanna bet George Soros and Warren Beffet have a chunk of it?

Opinions on Jacob Rees-Mogg?

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Best answer: Is he still around ? I Have nt watched CNN for a long time

cnn is Truly the leader in Fake news.