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Best answer: That is all they ever do. Fake news central. I am surprised anyone is surprised.

Best answer: They dared to ask some awkward questions.

Best answer: Not personally, but my grandparents can remember that during the 1950s and often left their keys in the car and nobody stole it.

Best answer: They are going to keep pushing the collusion narrative until they lose the 2020 election for the Democrats. And then they will blame the Cubans and the Venezuelans for the loss. Or maybe those pesky Canadians - LOL !!

Best answer: Biased, Bigoted, Prejudice

Best answer: I catch her LIVE sometimes she is amazing for her age A big favourite of my partner Ana YES.

Best answer: “i remember once upon a time the news tabloids and media used to be respectable, dignified, high class and traditionally british, they had high standards.” Err...when was this exactly? Tabloids have always had their shock value. Aiming at the lower end of the market, so to speak.

Best answer: Ask silly questions on YA

Best answer: He was sacked, rightfully so, and that should be the end of it. He insulted the royal family. The police shoudl leave it alone because it has been dealt with. Instead of looking at him, they should be directing their attention to the mosques and sharia courts, where dangerous islamic practices are encouraged. The... show more

Best answer: 1. the problems with Trump 2. a large storm moving east 3. a shooting--somewhere

Best answer: A quick smartphone check of the headlines is what a lot of people do now, and only if a story directly affects them or contains high drama ongoing do they follow it. Not paying £2-3 for a Sunday paper either. No time to read one anyway.