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Shamima Begum left London in 2015 to join IS. Now pregnant, she wants to return to the UK. Should she be allowed, and if so under what circumstances?

Feminists are welcome to answer

Best answer: The fat orange idiot never mentioned "A national emergency" until he found out he wasn't going to get his "beautiful" Trump Wall.

Best answer: Ernest Bevin was a British statesman, trade union leader, and Labour politician without him, no NHS and many coffin dodgers would not be alive now

Best answer: I hear Alexandria Ocrazyo-Cortez actually experienced a panty dampening moment when she got the news.

Shouldn't he be protecting us from all the dangerous Mexican anchor MS-13 babies allied with ISIS coming to kill us all with their Mariachi music?

Best answer: 'intelligence' and 'remainer' would never be in the same sentence.

Best answer: It would be a fitting end, apparently beheadings do not faze her.

Best answer: Better still if we dont give the EU the £39 billion...split it up and share it amongst the 17.million brexiteers which would be about £1,200 each...I think...not that brilliant at math,s

He said he was going to have an affair with her, BECAUSE HE SAID SO IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN. IS THERE NO END TO HIS DELUSIONS?

Best answer: They say he can't indict a sitting President but trump certainly can be indicted for crimes after Jan. 20, 2021 when he's no longer President.

Best answer: I don't know but I wouldn't like it