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Many worked WITH the U.S. military in South Vietnam.

Best answer: The Congressional Repubs are too spineless to stand up to the Head Sleazebag. And the Trumplings are too gullible, or willfully blind, to see that their guy is a liar, and general snake-in-the-grass.

Best answer: Yes. It would have been foolish to allow the vote on the deal because she KNEW it would be rejected. There is no plan B. That would leave the UK up s*** creek without a paddle. She HAD to go back to the EU to seek some reassurances so there was a chance of the plan being accepted. She did not choose to be... show more

How long is Brexit pushed back?

Best answer: Yes, but I'm surprised he got caught, Cheshire Constabulary ignore complaints normally. Don't blame judges though when this comes up, they read the sentence from a book and can't deviate or they appeal, it's guidelines that need changing not the judge.

He comes acr as a bitter loser.

Best answer: yes.

Best answer: "Show us your t!ts" is obviously more intelligent than anything than that pseudo-commie, Corbyn has to say. Update: These days I couldn't be bothered with what Labour has to say so I just assume their cult leader has the final word on everything. Update: Let's get it to 10 TDs! That way I... show more

He has an Arabic name and looks like an Arab, but the news won't call him a Muslim. He is a "radical Islamist terrorist" who was "radicalised" in prison, is "mentally ill" etc, all the standard excuses.

Best answer: DEPORT ALL MUSLIMS no matter where they are Born

Is it solid, or is there about to be an explosion?