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He literally admits ON NATIONAL TV that there's no crisis but he just wants his wall faster!?

Best answer: better off or the same the eu meanwhile will be MUCH worse off as the recession and unlimited immigration destroys it

Will the European Union go the same way as the Soviet Union?

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Best answer: Yes. It is starting crumble now The sooner it is gone the better.

Best answer: Yes, she is guilty of High Treason and should be hanged as an examples to others.

Best answer: There is NO point wasting public funds because the ONLY thing that would happen had the Duke been prosecuted would have been to lose his Licence. As he already handed it in, what was decided was APPROPRIATE. It would be no different if it had been you or me. He didn't kill anybody. What more do you want... show more

Is the British Govt' handling of Brexit?

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A deliberate ploy to undermine the EU and leave without a deal. The EC is already a cartel and not such a free economy as they like us to believe. Let us rule our own shores !

I wouldn't

What is the matter with these people so eager to repatriate an extremist who had no regrets about joining isis and knew what they were about before plotting and scheming to join them?

Best answer: It isn't about kids deciding their own gender, it's about transgender and non-binary individuals born in New York City having the right to apply to have the gender marker on their birth certificate changed without needing a signed affidavit from a healthcare provider. That sounds fine in principle but there... show more

This would be fitting for that ISIS woman who wants to return and others that join ISIS and return.

Best answer: She could do a lot of harm if allowed back. She was happy enough to go out there to help kill non-muslims, but now the party is over she wants pity. The excuse of being 'radicalised' as it it is some unfortunate disease people catch is nonsense. No. She is a muslim who wants to kill the rest of us, and... show more

Best answer: Because even though she's not 15 anymore, she's been there since then and has been having her brainwashing reinforced the whole time. So yeah, maybe her age should be somewhat taken into account, but it absolutely doesn't absolve her of this at all.

Why right-wingers on YA want to groom and beat children?

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Best answer: It's a sickness.

How exactly is Queen Elizabeth II deserving of respect?

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Best answer: This nasty and filthy crone has done nothing to impede the hostile machinations and has been documented praising racial heterogeneity. She is an instrument of depredation.