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Best answer: I very much doubt it, after more than three years, including the run up to the actual referendum. Suffering the insults from a pack of crying, whinging, whining lying remoaners, we have had enough of referendums. One good thing may come out of this though, maybe in the next General Election, it will force more... show more

Best answer: No.

Best answer: Because Gladys Knight has class and called out Colin Kaepernick for using the National Anthem for his misguided protest!

Why does the UK want to exit the European Union ?

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and these people are everywhere

Would Esther McVey make a good Prime Minister?

15 answers · Politics · 15 hours ago
Best answer: Yes she would. I saw her on TV yesterday and she impressed with honest and straightforward dialogue. The woman has a fully functioning brain.

Or do they just think they're so just because they're thick/nasty/racist?

What do you think about Corbyn snubbing May's Brexit talks?

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He's obviously got an opinion on it since he ordered his MP's to vote against The Brexit deal, so why can't he turn up and say what it is? Is he a typical rebel without a cause?

Best answer: Yes, hard labour would cure them.

Best answer: I do. It seemed like a very explicit and unambiguous question. However, some unsavoury types would have people believe something different. ___________________ People usually support this nation remaining in the European Union for one or more of the following reasons: 1. They are individualistically and/or... show more

Best answer: We were told 'Leave Means Leave', and we vote to leave. We knew what we were voting for. The Remainers need to accept that and stop trying to stab the electorate in the back

What is unique about your personality?

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Why is Phil still driving?

13 answers · Current Events · 11 hours ago
He's got form, on being a lousy driver.

People were arguing that May triggerred it too early, but I disagreed saying that Cameron should have triggerred it the day after the referendum.

Best answer: Should we have allowed kids at nursery a say on the 1975 referendum, because if we had , I know for sure we would not have BREXIT now. We would not have joined.

Current Events: What now for the Brexit process?

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Best answer: I agree that the Brexit Referendum was nonsense, as not enough information was available to the British Public, so they believed the lies being bandied around by Political Parties like UKIP, that used dodgey dirty money to fund their Leave Campaign. The Labour Party aka Jeremy Corbyn, kept quiet throughout the... show more

Ummm ladies what are you thinking and doing? Lmfao