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What are things that make a woman not be wifey material?

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Do you think a threeway spices up a marriage?

56 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 2 days ago
I am trying to spice up our sex life by having a threesome with my husband and his brother. Do you think this is a good idea?

Best answer: This guy sounds as though he is playing you. Your analysis of things is spot on. It isn't like he is looking for a serious committed relationship. That appears to be what you want. The fact that so much time passes between visits makes me suspect he may be doing the same thing with other girls besides you. If... show more

So for the first few times I allowed my mother to sit the front seat and my wife got really upset with me about it and declared because it is OUR car and because were married she should sit next to me as a woman. But I thought it was more respectful to allow my mother to take the first seat So I talked to my mom... show more

Am I obliged to tell my boyfriend?

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I am 24, he is 26 and we have been dating for 5-years and living together for 3 years. He wants to have children and I don't, he doesn't know this and I am on the pill. It was my secret until my sister found out, she told me I need to be honest and I said "my body, my rules", "I don't... show more

My husband's brother is asking my husband to lend him $6000 to buy an engagement ring, claiming he will pay us back within a year. My husband seems to think this is no problem.. I think my brother-in-law is being selfish. I think that it would be one thing if he was in a bad situation and really needed the... show more

My husband's farts are ruining our marriage, what should i do?

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My husband farts a lot and they smell really bad. He will fart in bed, in the car, when we are watching TV or having sex, which by the way is a huge turnoff. I told him to stop farting but he continues doing it. I am at my wit's end and I am almost ready to file for a divorce. What should I do to heal this... show more

Am I too old to be told what to do by my parents?

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I'm 24.

Should I be bothered by my boyfriend not being generous?

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I know it s stupid and wrong of me to feel this way but I always get my boyfriend things, I bring him his favorite snacks every day, I surprise him with presents, and I always get him weed. And I feel guilty when I don t get stuff for him even when I really can t afford it at all, it s to the point where I don t... show more

Best answer: In my opinion anyone you have had history with should be off limits. With my ex this was difficult because he was a player for the most part of highschool and still kept in contact with a lot of the girls he dated. I should've read this as a warning sign at the time, because after we broke up, he reconnected... show more

How can you make money online?

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What can I do If I fall in love with a married lady?

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Best answer: You should try to let it go. If you know she is married and happy, don’t ruin it for her or make her feel unsafe with you. If you’re having an affair with her, try to end it as soon as possible - unless she’s unhappy in her marriage. If she’s unhappy in her marriage, she might want a divorce anyways. Just be wary.

My husband bought me flowers should I forgive him?

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My husband and I argued about work and the kids. He works 4am to 5pm and I m self employed and work on call for a few hours. Well he went to help a friend on his truck and I got a call from work and well I had to take my two boys with me. We ve talked about him needing to be there for my work too and he s never... show more

I just started dating this guy and his ex girl friend who left him for her best friends brother a year ago asked to have a meeting with him. He seem to still like her and has been honest with me about it. We really just started dating but I think I could see something good with this guy happening. should I tell... show more

Is it appropriate to ask him if I could give him a BJ?

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Best answer: He will say ok, but ask yourself what he ever did to deserve one? Most guys don't merit a ******** ever. I'd rather just sit on their face.

We barely have any savings, and a round trip ticket for a family of 3 will cost atleast 1,800. This would take away from the children’s holiday gifts and I don’t think it’s fair to anyone. Especially our 2 year old daughter whom we have a set budget for. I was planning on mailing his son his gifts and hoping that... show more

Sexless marriage?

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My husband and I are currently in our late 40s and I find myself in a pickle. We don't have sex. We've only had sex a few times this year. We don't have the best relationship and my husband said that it's hard to want to snuggle up to someone you really aren't feeling at the moment. WE do... show more

I just wanna be loved and conforted from a guy?

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I saw this guy once and was wonderstruck by his beauty. I started fantasizing about being held in his arms, kissed and protected. I live in a stupid family where a was never loved and my mom has always worried about the sons of my uncle than me. I feel like a piece of s***. Sometimes I just think about running away... show more