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Are none of these annual plants native to environments where the temperature drops?... I mean really because I know how it is around here when I plant seeds.. I get a growth rate sometimes like 4 or 5 out of almost a hundred seeds that actually grow and survive the bugs and things long enough to even sprout... show more

Explain why the refrigerator door stays shut after it has been closed.?

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How do i wash white shoes without a washing machine?

13 answers · Cleaning & Laundry · 4 days ago
i just bought some white shoes from the thrift store and i don’t want to wear them until i’ve washed them, but i don’t have a washing machine so i’m in a bit of a rumble

They are so loud sounds like there’s 50 of them in there I tried knocking to ask them to tone it down but no answer it’s like this every night I’m sure there subletting

The smell must be deeply engrained into the carpet and upholstery because I ve vacuumed, shampooed, scrubbed, and vacuumed again only for the smell to still linger. I ve also been using air fresheners but those can only mask the smell for so long. Also if anybody has any tips on how to get stains out from the... show more

What is the best weed killer out there? Safety tips and precautions?

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Best answer: Sorry to say, that chirping can go in for months.

Where can you find used landscaping tools?

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What is the best and easiest cleaner to clean s bathtub?

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I would love something that I could just spray and leave on and would melt the soap scum away and just be able to rinse off the shower walls and tub. Is there a cleaner strong enough to do that?

If I drink laundry detergent will it cleanse my soul?

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Big Sofa, Tiny Doorway?

7 answers · Decorating & Remodeling · 23 hours ago
Best answer: A sectional is a good suggestion. Also, many cities have movers who specialize in this kind of thing. In NYC, among other places, they have people who can partially disassemble and reassemble it, but the cost may be prohibitive for you.

What style of furniture do you like?

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Whats the best chemicals to use when powerwashing a driveway?

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Help me exterminate this plant.?

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I have this vine plant that was Encroaching on my yard when I bought my house. I’ve tried several different pesticides to get rid of it but nothing seems to stop it. I know it’s used for landscaping anything look really good with managed properly, but I don’t want it. What can I do to get rid of it?... show more

I have a double kitchen sink that is clogged.?

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I have a double kitchen sink that is clogged. The disposal still works fine and when i turn it on all the water shoots over to the other bowl without draining. I think took apart my plumbing beneath and cleaned it all out but found no real clog. I snaked into the wall and then put everything back together to get... show more

Who is Allen and why is this wrench named after him?

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How can I stop my neighbour from dangling her legs over the balcony?

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Best answer: Explain to her that it’s irritating you and she should understand

On it? I know its still fresh but i figured a few fires on it couldnt make it stronger.... Might make it weak enough to chainsaw or axe down to ground level? Thoughts?