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Would i look ok in a dress?

9 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Yes

I'm 18 years old guy senior in a private high school and here in school we have a dress code. But in September I will start college and I will wear nice shirt, expensive jacket or leather jacket, sweat pants and also nice shoes. Today I was in that college that I would be studying it next year and I saw all... show more

They wear jeans with a shirt that ends at the waste. I can see private’s outline in the jeans. Wear a longer shirt!

Best answer: true, like neon yellow

Best answer: I liked to shop at JC Penney, about the only place I could find good clothes, ( suits, sports jackets, etc) right off the rack and they would need little or no alteration. However, the local JC Penney bit the dust years and years ago +Now, I shop wherever I happen to be near when I realize I need clothes

Best answer: A classy woman doesn't make a sex tape then has it leaked onto the Internet in order to draw attention to herself. So no, she's not classy. Some people think money can buy you class but it can't. You're only classy because your character exemplifies that you are. She's a 'ho.

Best answer: I tossed a tub of dressing out the window, now I'm going to put tons of mustard on you. You've got the yips so you're dismissed from work for the day, without pay! But your rent payments are going to open a picture into a new world made our of silhouettes and purple marshmallows. Huskies, the ones with... show more

Hi, my 15th Birthday is coming up, and I don't know really know what to ask for. I guess you could say I am quite a fashionista, so I was wondering if you guys could suggest some products either fashion-related, beauty-related, or something along those lines. I am not really in to jewelry, only earrings. I... show more

I want these piercings but my mom told me I can't get them, but everyone in my school already has multiple. How do i convince her???

Briefs or boxers?

6 answers · 6 hours ago

I am having this school trip to a different city for 2 days and I was wearing what to wear. Any suggestions?

I wish I could be someone who could wear heels and wear tight dresses but I feel uncomfortable and like that type of clothing is too revealing for my personality. I wear makeup and do my hair and nails I’m not a complete slob. Just wondering if men find a more relaxed women attractive these days?

Do diamond studs look good on guys?

34 answers · 7 days ago
I'm really considering on getting diamond studs but I'm still not sure? Would it make a big difference on someone or at the end of they day would it not matter?