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Best answer: 100% it’s a bad thing and I think it can also show signs of insecurity and desperation.

Rainbow sandals etc?

Best answer: Two layers of tights. If also wearing boots, you can wear 2 pairs of socks. I personally dont like when people wear yoga pants/leggings under skirts/dresses if they are visible.

If the dress is slightly above knee length and the leggings are black.

Why is harry styles so cute?

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I have many t-shirts and sweat in all of them. It's the only one shirt that smells sour when I sweat in it. I'm starting to suspect that it might be the material.

Does wearing a hoodie look bad ?

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Best answer: Depends on the hoodie, place, time, and weather

Especially my mom's shoes and dresses, which are from 60s - 80s and in excellent condition. Any ideas where to look?