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I started a year ago and now i'm going everyday for 4 hours (except sundays I do contortion training for 2 hours) i'm now in classes with people who started at 3 and I get private lessons 5 times a week. and i'm on pointe.i know people my age start going to ballet schools but i'm so passionate and I... show more

Is an associate degree in ballet?

4 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: Not really. It would only be helpful if you were going to be a dance teacher assistant or open your own dance school.

Back pain? dancer?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago
i have lower back pain on my left side of my back...close to my backbone. i’ve had problems with my back for about 4 years now... i injured it somehow in tumbling class i’m not sure how. i stopped tumbling since then and started ballet. my back sort of healed after i quit tumbling but it still does hurt sometimes.... show more

Lonely at boarding school?

7 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: It's not exactly loneliness you are feeling. It's homesickness and there can't be many people around who've been away from home who haven't suffered from it. The cure is time and how much time it takes, varies from person to person. It's a good sign that you are otherwise enjoying being... show more

Why do I freak out when I dance?

4 answers · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: What do you mean by "freak out"? Is it just nerves, do you noticeably shake, do you really sweat, what happens? Try to "get in the zone" when you dance, where you forget you are being watched, all that matters is you and the music. Talk to your teacher about it, especially since she noticed.... show more

Is undulate used correctly?

6 answers · 1 month ago
The dancer's body undulated smoothly and gracefully to the somber tone of the song

Also, what do they make?

How do I learn how to dance?

9 answers · 2 months ago
Best answer: Why would you think the instructor will think you're dumb? Having that type of mentality will get you nowhere. You haven't even started and you're putting yourself down. Have you heard of Misty Copeland? She started from the bottom (beginning ballet classes) and look where she's at now. We all... show more

Best answer: Recreational dance is for anyone of any age shape and abilities. Starting at 14 in a teen beginner class and you should do just fine. If you were born with the right gifts for dance (body, facility and musicality) you can easily surpass others who were not born with those gifts who started as very young children.... show more

I'm 18 years old and I'm beginning to gain an interest in dance, but I'm scared that I'm too old to really start learning or that I won't be able to find any classes or lessons or anything for an 18-year-old beginner. I'm mostly interested in hiphop (like Sean Lew, Kaycee Rice, Julian... show more

How can I get better at ballet?

10 answers · 3 months ago
I can't do pirouettes no matter how hard I try and when I try to do glissades they just look like an awkward, clumsy jump. Is it just a case of more practice or do you have to be a natural?

I auditioned for company at my local school, and the girls are insanely talented so i didn’t expect to get accepted, but i did. The tuition per month is a bit expensive for me, but this is something i really want. I was thinking of asking the studio owner if i could help out at the front desk, with little kid’s... show more

And how many classes would you have to take each week?

I suppose it depends on the person but ballet doesn't seem to come naturally to me. For example, I tried doing a glissade and it just looked like an awkward clumsy jump. Can I get better or is ballet just not for me?