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Why is Obama black?

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Does all fast food.make people gain weight?

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What animal are noodles made of?

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Can fat people cook good?

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Which is worse and dont say both. soda or energy drinks?

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its for a paper im writing

Why should i become a vegan?

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What else would you serve with salmon and broccoli?

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What kind of british food is this?

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china, japan, south korea, vietnam, singapore, taiwan, hong kong, phillipines, thailand. you rarely see anyone say they don't eat any meat other than the devout buddhist monks

To expand on what I mean by that question, I m looking for simple dishes and or recipes I could make at night, that wouldn t take ludicrous amounts of time, and I can reheat or put together for a well balanced breakfast. I can t eat too much sugar like cereal or waffles and such in the morning, as they hurt my... show more

Topping for chicken pot pie?

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Best answer: Look up a recipe for Biscuits and make the biscuits and either use the "drop" method or pat them out and cut the biscuits out. Top the Pot Pie with those. Will be better than the refrigerated biscuits in a can anyway Oh, and no to the cake mix. They would be VERY sweet and would get soggy. The sponge... show more

If its 33 degrees outside can i keep my ice cream in the car?

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