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I’m from Europe and have only seen this in the USA.

Best answer: Other than the delivery fee no extra spending is required. I've redeemed free pizzas and have ordered a side just fine.

WHY do vegans seem to think they are better than everybody else?

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What is the best ice cream flavor?

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Best answer: Lemon.

What can I make for dinner tomorrow?

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Why would anyone want cheese as a dessert?

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Why do the British drink warm beer ?

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What makes a milk delicious?

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is it the age of the cow? gender? breed? the the food it eats?

Is ghee healthier than butter?

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Best answer: Ghee is Clarified Butter, has less additives than storebought butter, healthier fats and less sodium different taste overall, I like ghee in sweets and in foods eaten during Hindu Fasts...I Love Butter on Parathas and Buns, Daal, etc. I cook Lotsa Indian Foods Ommm

Why do some people put hot sauce on their potato chips?

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Is mayonnaise a good choice for salad dressing?

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Would you eat kangaroo?

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How long does it take to boil water?

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How can I make kraft Mac and cheese taste better?

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Best answer: Hamburger if I make it at home. Tacos made at home are the best.

Have you ever tried Vegemite on toast?

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Best answer: I've been eating the stuff since I was kid and still like it. If I'm not eating it on a cheese and lettuce sandwich, I'm having it on warm buttered toast. Sometimes I go without the butter and have it on toast with either; - Fried or Poached eggs - Smashed avocado - Tomatoe slices

Best answer: Yuck

What is the best way to cook scrambled eggs?

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