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It’s dumb that teachers can call students by their first name but students can’t.

Best answer: I know someone who also has that same last name. The way he handles it is by just joining in on the jokes. If people know it bothers you, they may continue. In a public forum (He was one of the participants in a debate at a college campus. That event was attended by hundreds of people, and thousands watched... show more

Best answer: This is the funniest thing I have heard in a while. No, if a student passes away in the classroom. The test maybe postponed for a little while but no you still have to take the test. It will just be administered in a different setting. If you took a pencil and slammed your head it will not go through your head... show more

I was chatting with one of my friends the other day and she said she helps her sister (a history teacher) enter grades into the system, not doing the actual grading but entering the numbers. Is that actually legal? Or is that an infringement on privacy? When she told me it kind of freaked me out, but otherwise, it... show more

...and if not, then what are the main contributions mindfulness teachers make that a mobile phone application can not do? I ask as I am considering paying £750 to become an accredited mindfulness teacher as this is something I am passionate about and making a living from it appeals to me.

Best answer: No you do not.

Best answer: When I was a kid; that's where I spent most of my time. Naw, they don't talk to you. They send someone to pull you back in after a while.

This student has never talked to anyone else about what they confided to me. It is nothing serious but do I still keep our talks private?

How can I learn to love life?

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Best answer: It sounds to me as though what is missing in your life is intimacy and companionship.

Best answer: Generally by reading, then thinking about what they read.

My plan is after high school, I will move to a developing country and teach English there. I was born and raised in the U.S. I'm just your run-of-the-mill white American. So I don't need a college degree, right? I'm 17 now.

Bias/unfair english teacher?

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Best answer: Go to the principal/head teacher of your school and make your complaint. However, you should first of all obtain some backup from other students who have also been treated unfairly by this teacher. Your case will be stronger if you have the support of others. If you go alone to the principal, you may be suspected... show more

I have recently been asked by a parent from a school I used to work at if I would be up to teaching their 4.5 year old Spanish. She used to be my key child and I adore her to bits. I have never taught Spanish before. I have never taught a language, much less to a 4 year old. How would you approach this? any tips... show more

Lets say you're in college to earn your Bachelor's in Education, and during your studies you are hospitalized for depression and having suicidal thoughts. Would that hinder earning your teaching license, or hinder finding a job as a teacher?