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Best answer: Make an appointment to see your Doctor. If they decide you need to be tested, they will give you a referral to a Specialist.

Best answer: More alternative facts

Best answer: Bow-chikka-wow-wow.

Best answer: No, but its certainly disgusting, socially unacceptable, and perhaps a bit psychotic.

okay i am a 20 year old with autism who wants to drive a vehicle but i need to know how i can learn to drive safely with high functioning autism does anyone know how can i learn to drive safely without being distracted

What percentage of autistic people are pedophiles

Best answer: and your mom is right

Growing up with these 2 things, and watching how difficult it was for my parents growing up, I know what to expect if this is the case. I was given my Aspergers/Autism diagnosis at age 5, and my ADHD diagnosis at age 16. My fiancée (been together 12 years) is expecting our first child. How likely is that child to... show more

He's 12 and still wets himself. He didn't speak until he was probably 5 or 6. He laughs A LOT at nothing. Sometimes, he speaks well and other times he acts like he doesn't know many words. He doesn't know personal boundaries and will get way too close physically to people he doesn't know, making... show more

Hi I have been diagnosed with high functioning autism or aspergers which is a mild form of autism when I was diagnosed in 2000 I was 13 then I have trouble with eye contact makong convo making friends also the anxiety with it is terrible I have no friends I seclude myself from the world going out if only I need... show more

Let's assume that the person's mental age is less than 5 and he or she is unable to speak.