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i am in university trying to find house for second year and we can't agree one because of the number of bathrooms.Is one bathroom not enough to share between for four girls?

Best answer: There's an old saying 'you can't get blood from a stone'. But those bills will remain and get only larger.

Assume that it isn't the deadline yet

School loan?

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So I want to see if I can pay off my student loan but find a way to negotiate a few thousand bucks less . Do I need a lawyer for this? Can I do it myself?

I’ve had a student loan for a few years I’ve owed from a technical school I’ve wondered if they could garnished my wages ? I’ve been told by people they can’t since it’s not like a peeing IRS Debt ect I just don’t wanna find less money in my checks it’s been 8 years since I’ve had it

Best answer: The US Department of Education CANNOT seize funds without first getting a monetary judgment, and that requires serving you with a Summons and Complaint and giving you the opportunity to answer the Complaint. What did you do when you were served (personally or by mail)? You need at Attorney - you obviously are not... show more

Why is no one worthy (Christianity)?

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Best answer: Live one life at a time. Be a good person and do as little harm as possible. After we die its all conjecture.

Best answer: Call or make an appointment with the school's financial aid office - inquire about Federal Work-Study jobs or additional aid.

I plan on moving to a different country in the future for personal reasons. Do I need to wait until my student loans are repaid to do this? Obviously if I moved before I would continue repaying my loans, but that seems like something that wouldn’t be allowed for some reason.

Best answer: Get an education or training so you have a skill that is in demand. If you can't get a college degree, think about trade school. If your employer offers management training programs, perhaps that is the way to go. Minimum wage is just that, minimum. You are doing and earning the least you can possibly... show more

Best answer: If you don't qualify for financial aid that means your parents have enough to help you out. If they don't own a business to pass on to you or in some other way have prepared you for life above college, they owe you college help. I think scholarships only go to very gifted people and minorities. You will... show more

I am beginning to regret going to grad school for my master s. I am in more than $60k student loan debt and my credit score is FLUNKED. I ve been paying my loans on time and it has helped a little. But seriously, why the hell does it cost so damn much just to attend college or get into grad school?? I am about to... show more

My mom is a single mom who raised me by herself. She and my dad have been separated since I was born. My dad is still alive, and lives close to me. My mom hasn't worked for 17 years since she had me. I'm in my senior year of high school. And my mom said I don't have a chance to go to college because... show more