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He co-signed it and my sister wants to divorce her husband. They are both on the lease. What would happen if she separated and moved out? Would my dad still have to pay his rent if he decides not to?

Can I be evicted ?

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I moved into a income restricted building and they took my first month and security deposit I spend the last 23 days moving in and now they want me to be out in 3 days because I make too much money . I don’t have anywhere to go I have up my last apartment to move into here

Packages, credit cards etc were being sent to the house because it was vacant. The landlord wants me to pay for repairs even though it obviously had nothing to do with me. My landlord is trying to use my rent checks to pay for the damage instead of applying it to my rent, and is telling me late fees are piling... show more

My sperm donor was a sex offender and I’m a teacher. This is so hard for me, I want out and I’m in escrow, and I get my money back. I live in lake elsinor California. Please help $3,000 is on the line. He also has tons of cameras around his home, I’m scared he’ll have more inside when he moves

Lately my landlord has been hot and cold, one minute he’s pissed at every single thing I do or don’t do, and the next minute he says I’m the best tenant he’s ever had. Well my years lease is up in about 2 months, and when I ask if he’s going to renew the lease he says he will no problem. But this morning someone in... show more

So I went to pay my rent and a month later I get a call saying they can't find my money order I gave them, mind u just moved in and they gave me my keys on the same day I paid my 507 rent So now they are asking me do I have the receipt. Sorry like a dumb dumb I don't have them The manager is saying its not... show more

I am thinking of purchasing a condo or co-op. One i am looking at is currently $188,000 for a 1 bed 1 bath at 960 sq ft. It has been on the market since 10/2/18 according to zillow and If i decide to go lookat it and i like it can i put in an offer for $175,000 or what do you think? I am new to house... show more

The landlord supplied me with a mattress and it is so badly stained that nothing will remove the stains in it. I feel horrible for what I done because it was my responsibility to take care of it and I failed. I plan on buying a new mattress with my own money at a nearly identical price (I took a look at the type of... show more

Is it legal?

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My landlord always comes to collect money without a receipt book, I've had her filling in a receipt book that i bought myself so that it shows that payments have been made and even though i keep hold of the book i plan to give it to her once i decide to leave. Is it ok that i have the book AND the... show more

I m trying to buy a condo this year and I dont know how much is going to cost me every month or annually. I am asking for a detail description for the fess and payments that I should be aware of. and also an estimate for monthly payments that I have to paid for this condo. My last question is, which county in the... show more

Best answer: Ok, thats a really bad credit score. Ultimately you may not be able to rent there or anywhere else with that credit score. Is it possible for your friend to simply sign the lese themselves and then list you as someone living there - and then you'd pay the friend half the rent in a side agreement. This is all... show more

My boyfriend's currently dealing with a situation in which his landlord is threatening a breach of lease. The issue is my visits as an overnight guest. I come over roughly 3-4 times a month, and we usually just stay in his room. It's a house that the landlord lives next to. The other housemates are always... show more

after my tenant is evicted I will be moving back into my home. I currently have landlord insurance which covers me from lawsuits and vandalism I was wondering if I should switch to homeowners after I move in or wait a bit? example: tenant files a lawsuit after I have moved back into my home but I switched... show more

My fiancé and I are looking for a place to move into together. So far no luck but we are still looking/saving money. Would it be bad if I started to pack my stuff? We need to find a place before October since our wedding is October 18th. I dont mind packing as it would show what i need to throw away or donate

our landlord is generally unresponsive to things. Today I noticed our washing machine is leaking. Is this something the landlord is gonna have to fix? I mean It's an electrical hazard right? the outlet for the machines is less than a foot away from the back of them.