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the asset is an old truck. it was my first car. it has a ton of sentimental value, but i also cannot use it for transportation because i cant afford the gas it uses (i have another car 95 camry)... and when its driven often it needs a whole lot of attention in the way or repairs and maintenance. i havent been... show more

A lot of co workers come into work with Starbucks and also eat out everyday for lunch. Yet they are always complaining they are broke or don't enough money.

My mother had a diamond ring appraised in 1991, would the ring be worth the same/less/more today in 2019? For both curiosity's sake and adding it to home insurance.

Best answer: You do very well. That's cheap actually. I usually spend around £40-£50 on groceries for two of us.

Best answer: Call the lien holder and see if you can work something out. Chances are they will not let you get it back without paying off the full balance and cost of the repossession, but call and see what you work out.

What is the value of peace?

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Best answer: Almost all the time. I hate the idea that all my purchases and buying habits are being monitored, accumulated and then sold. Cash purchases still provide anonymity.

Assuming you have no debt.

Best answer: Short answer, yes. You do only need a cosigner over 18. Just make sure it's someone you trust because if their name is on the account they can access the funds. However, it is not true that a minor has no rights over the account and the adult has to OK any transactions like one user said. You can get your own... show more

Extremely poor. How to ask the IRS for a waiver?

I live in Wisconsin, USA.

Is one way better than the other? I know some employers will match your contributions, but I have only heard of that in regards to when they offer it. Would they do that if I set one up on my own through my bank instead?

I'm 36. If I go into residential care will they take away my SS AND SSI?

I tried using my debit card to pay for food but my card was declined. Found out later that loss prevention put a block on the card(why they thought $30 on food was worth putting a block on is beyond me). I have to wait until Monday to call and get the block taken off but I have bills to pay on Sunday. Im able to to... show more