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Also if i'm depositing 100 grand in one transaction will they investigate me or something?

I received a call saying I won a raffle at a mall and that I won a lot of money. And it sounded like an automated voice not a person. It’s true I did enter my info to win a car at a mall. But this still sounds like a scam. Is it a scam?

Best answer: That's if you take it in a lump sum rather than an annuity. Even so, would you turn down a check for $350 million?

Or do both? I have plenty of money leftover each month after all my monthly expenses have been made. Like about 1100. what should I do?

Am I broke? Any advice?

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I'm a 23 year old guy and I feel broke, I have $3000 in my savings, and I have $2600 in my chequins. I had more but I went to a trip to Mexico with my friends. I feel like everyone my age has a lot more money. Am I broke????????

Just curious

Long story short , without getting into details on how I got into it from the first place, I have a 2018 mustang gt with 12500 miles ( which I bout last Nov) , I still owe 43500$ , my payments are 677 a month , I am trying to lower my car payment as I am looking for a house right now , and this high car payment is... show more

I’m currently going through the process of enlisting in the marines and the car is $9000 would it be reasonable to finance? And would I be able to get a loan while still being in highschool because I am joining the delayed entry program?

Will my bankruptcy be discharged?

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I filed chapter 7 on 7/26. On 8/21 I had meeting of creditors. Last thing I got in the mail was the deadline to object letter which states 9/21 as the deadline date. Neither the trustee or any creditors have objected . Basically at this point am I just waiting for the discharge papers? I just kinda want to know if... show more

Best answer: If you look at the "series' just to the lower right of the portrait, you will see that this bill was issued in 2013. It is only 5 years old. You can walk into a bank and ask and most of them will have one or more $2 bills from that series. It is worth $2.