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I'm so sick of the stock market, it has been my main source of extreme anger and Hate since August of this year. Even companies that are profitable, their stock prices are falling like god dam a rock for no reason. It seems like technical analysis and fundamental analysis doesn't mean a goddamn thing. I... show more

What is advantage of bitcoin?

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I’m sure this is a question that’s been asked before but..this upcoming tax season I want to create additional income for Myself via the stock market.i plan on investing a few hundred until I get my feet wet but the main question I have is where do I start?

How am I going to make money now?

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Best answer: I doubt it. They still think Mexico will pay for the wall and Hillary will go to jail. Jamie Dimon, the chairman and CEO of J. P. Morgan Chase, says the market is getting ripped around thanks to Trump's trade war.

I’m looking for some ideas I’m tired of working for other people.

Best answer: i flipped over 50 cars in college. Buy a 90's toyota, wash, wax and detail. resale (craigslist). be sure to get the title and bill of sale from from the owner, give that plus a bill of sale from you to the buyer. also include an emissions test so buyer is ready to go at dmv (dont want dmv mad at you). You could... show more

i just bought a stock for 21 cents and the target price is $3. no clue what that means

I already have $1000 saved up. What is the next step?

The investor doesn't make a million dollar income in dividend stocks so how can the investor be a millionaire?

Best answer: Will Rogers explained it simply and succinctly. "Buy stocks low, wait til they go up, then sell 'em. If they don't go up, don't buy 'em!" There IS no guaranteed successful way to approach the stock market, which is why I don't. But I used to, and I'll tell you what I... show more

What the Latest price of BMW ?

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