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Best answer: in storage...not being circulated...yes. Gold is worth a lot more than silver and has less use than silver in everyday applications. If we were to use gold gold and circulate it...more of it would be lost and worn off, diminishing its value. We don't have "silver reserves" like we do... show more

Should i quit forex trading?

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I have been in trading for almost 6 years and in big loss up til now and other problems that come with it drinking more not looking after myself health money problems etc etc but i love trading and i thought that i could make profit and i tried to quit many times but failed and i can sometimes think i could realy... show more

1. Buy lotto tickets 2. Bet on March Madness

my sources tell me bit coin is a good investment

I've never heard so many hard-luck stories after I refuse to negotiate on my already give-away prices. No one will buy a perfectly working stereo radio for $2. If they don't have money, why are they out shopping?

What’s a good stock to invest in?

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I’m looking to invest $2k in either 1 or 2 stocks and would love some advice!

I have been hearing a lot about binary options, on how easy it is to make money on it in a short time, etc. One of my friends actually joined a business school where they teach about different kinds of marketing and they start with binary options, which my friend is currently learning. He has asked me to join as... show more

Best answer: You don't buy more of the cheaper stock. You buy more shares but the dollar value of these shares is the same. So the 2nd stock went up 42% and the 1st went up 27% so the 2nd one went up more and is better. IE If you invested 10K in each stock, the 1st went up 2.7k and the 2nd went up 4.2k. Doersn't... show more

Ok not entirely risk free but if you buy stock from NASDAQ company (or the company that owns it) then you have much less risk than all the other listed companies because for nasdaq stock to fail will undermine the whole stock exchange and the authorities won’t let that happen? Surely the stock is practically... show more

Is $50k alot for a 19 year old?

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Best answer: Some people think that the only way to succeed is to 'work hard and keep your nose to the grindstone', and cannot conceive of 'working smart and keeping your eye out for opportunities'. You work smart and keep your eye out because you are smart enough to know that if you work hard with your nose... show more

Best answer: Apple or Amazon Remember money makes money

Best answer: If you win the lottery and can't live off the interest even if its invested in CD's there's something wrong. That said lottery winnings should be invested at a trust bank with an advisor. Trust bank accounts are yours not assets and liabilities on the books of institution. If the institution goes... show more

What I mean is, let's say you annuitize your annuity holdings for income stream. Hypothetically, if you agree to getting $1,000/month for the rest of your life, would that $1,000/month have some kind of built-in inflation protections - like it goes up to keep up with inflation? And does this matter if you... show more

I invested in some random stock that BLEW UP. I literally did zero due diligence