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What can I do with a degree in African-American studies?

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Go to college they said. It will be good they said. What now?

I need it for mainly bus fare til I get 1st paycheck

Job interviews, help!?

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So I'm in my last semester of high school and I want to get a part time job but I'm shy and nervous about working and about the interview. I was just going to apply of Shoppers drug mart but then I got scared away after seeing soemething that said I should know about the company and say that I shop there... show more

Can my boss just fire me like this?

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so I work at a pawn shop with my boss and other coworker. just the 3 of us. This past week, my boss missed work on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because of a "headache"... the store wasn't open because he didn't "feel comfertable having someone else run his store for him".... show more

It it harder to get jobs working with children with facial piercings?

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Can I do anything about this. Is this legal?

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I'm a 19 yr old guy just trying to support himself. I have a job (my first real job). I was told (in an email) that I would get about 20 hours a week but I only get 5 now. I'm not even able to support myself. My family struggles even though we rent an ok but small house. My parents have to borrow money from... show more

I quit my job. I can't understand my boss?

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My boss wasn't happy with my work. He always criticized me for my smallest mistakes and believed all the rumours about me. TBH I didn't perform well because of the toxicity of my work environment. So I quit my job. Why is my boss angry at me? This is what he wanted. He wanted me to leave and when it is... show more

Do you agree with person A or person B?

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Person A graduated from college and has been applying for jobs for months. Person A has done a lot of interviews and the status for the jobs are still under review. Person B blames Person A for not being able to Get a job faster. Person B blames person A and not the companies for taking a long time. Person B says... show more

Unwanted advances from a coworker, what should I do?

10 answers · Law & Legal · 3 days ago
I work at a small café in a busy, insignificant town so my employers usually only have two people scheduled to work at a time with two for morning shift and another two for the afternoon shift. I'm 17 years old and have been working here for approximately 8 months. It's a decent job and I make really good... show more

How bad is it to quit a job before having a new one lined up?

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I’m 23 and I work in a call center. The call center I work in has awesome benefits and they pretty much paid for all of my MBA. The pay is also good. I have saved up a large amount of money and my monthly bills are $600. I have enough to pay a few years worth of bills if I had to. My issue is that I hate my job so... show more

Ive had four interviews and of the employers hired me. Is this normal or do i suck?

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Should I tell my boss the real reason why I'm quitting?

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Best answer: Yes, you should tell your boss. You should have reported this before things escalated to this point. What you're describing is sexual harassment, and your employer should have policies in place for dealing with it.

My boss won’t let me take time off ever. What can I do?

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I’ve been a receptionist for the past two years - so I’ve accumulated a lot of pto and my boss will not let me take personal time ever. If I do want to take personal time, she has to know exactly what I’m doing and exactly what time I’ll be back and I have to let her know well in advance. Or she’ll ask me if this... show more

Is it possible for a company to take 5 months to hire someone?

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Is it worth getting a job if you're only going to work there for three months?

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So I'm turning 18 in late May. I'm planning on applying to my local pet store once they're hiring. Well it's late March now, is it even worth trying to get a job now? I heard it's easier to find a job once you already have a job and I don't have a lot of experience. What should I do?

Best answer: A lot of people believe that and it might be accurate from their point of view. many companies, however, might say that there are really only a few good employees to hire, most employees aren't good to hire. No sense in arguing the point, all depends on your point of view I guess.

I called the bank this am but was told to call back on Monday. What am I going to do about work? I just start started on 3/5. As it stand I have no car.. hardly any food and a job that I dont know if I can keep. I've called both the bus a d train stations and neither have transportation leaving Hartford CT... show more

Is it ok to keep applying for a job in the same place?

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My dream job is to work in this orthodontics factory as an office assistant I applied 2 years ago got an interview and didn't do aswell as I could have so I didn't hear from them again but obviously didn't get it, so there have been other vacancies going since which I have put my CV forward for but... show more