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Been happening a lot to me lately where the bus driver would pull over at a bus stop and we would just sit there for several minutes. They say it’s to make sure the buses are sticking to schedule but most the time the buses were already running very late and are further delaying it. There’s been times where I’ve... show more

There's a stoplight not too far from my house, and it has a big sign on the light that says NO TURN ON RED. But I constantly see people turning right against the red light. Everyday. I always sit there until the light turns green, but I am constantly getting honked at. I don't want to get a ticket for... show more

Best answer: A big reason is safety. Cars today have a much stronger structure so the driver is more protected during crashes. There are also more airbags (they don't weigh a ton, but still). Also: 1. Less anti-pollution stuff. 2. Simpler engines. 3. Less luxury features, such as heated seats and sunroofs. 4. Less quality... show more

Best answer: At Budget we have always used a debit card - my wife just reserved one with her debit card a few minutes ago. The temporary license should not be a problem in itself but you may need some photo ID to confirm who you are. Be aware if you are under 21 years old it gets a lot harder.

Should I buy a 2001 Honda Accord?

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I know its an old car, but I just need transportation. Would it be a good car?

Best answer: While it's possible, this is not something you want to do until you've been working for awhile (at least a year) because you'll pay such a high interest rate that you'll soon be so far "under water" in a loan that you'll wish you had never made the deal. You'll not only end up... show more

they all start out even when parked and checked however during the course of a journey they will all be different when checked. it is noticeable in the handling and varies throughout the journey. for example all will be sitting at 2.3 bar before setting off. but when checked after a short while driving.... one... show more

The guy said being a 4 cyl is lighter it will take off a bit quicker. Just curious because they'll be racing next week and money is put on. No mods to either of the cars.

*I know everyone learns at different rates but please just hear me out. I’ve had 7.5 hours of lessons in a manual car and I’ve been told “you’re doing really well, you can drive now” by my old instructor who (who I’ve sacked). I’m able to drive on 50mph roads and have had at least 5 hours experience driving on all... show more

Like when you travel or have your driver's license checked for any reason? I need to know because I don't want anyone to see how ugly I used to be.

a) yes b) no When you answer, can you give me an explanation?

Best answer: When they were new, they were pretty good, but like any 14 year old vehicle, how good they are depends mostly on how gently they have been driven and how well they have been maintained. Some might be great, and some might be terrible. If you lack the knowledge and experience to assess a used car, then hire someone... show more

Hello, i am 19 years old and o just got my permit last month. I am reluctant to go and take my drivers test because i want to make sure that i am a confident safe driver before i obtain my license. I wasn’t able to go to a driving school sadly so my dad taught me in about 2 to 3 months. I can drive well, parallel... show more

Best answer: Nope, there will always be tourists, visitors and some people who don't hold a licence that need to get out and about, rich or poor.

Best answer: Yes. I've also had an unprovoked incident that involved a bullet being shot through my car.