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What is the average cost for car insurance for a 21 year old male?

28 answers · Insurance & Registration · 1 day ago

What happens if I need to get an oil change but I don’t?

28 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 2 days ago

How bad are car brakes?

19 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 14 hours ago
I noticed in the last week a big grinding noise from my front brakes. The worst is when I am at my final point of stopping. I feel I need brakes and rotors. I drive less now and may wait until spring. How bad are brakes and what can happen if I wait to fix them?

I would guess that it is much higher.

Like a maintenance person moving it from one hangar to another?

What oil to use?

16 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 1 day ago
I am about to do the oil change on my 2018 Hyundai Elantra Sport but can t figure out what oil I need. The owners manual says it uses ACEA A5 or above. A quick google search doesn t reveal much. All I see are oils labeled OW-40, 5W-30 etc. Which oil is compatible with my car?

When you buy a Car what else do you need to pay for?

18 answers · Insurance & Registration · 1 day ago
So you pay for the Car itself and Insurance. What other stuff do you have to pay for if there is any extra stuff?

We live in Oregon. My insurance company is being persistent about me coming in to discuss adding my licenced 17 year old son to my policy. We are on a fixed income as I am disabled. Also, my son doesn't drive my car. Ever. I am requiring him to get a job first so that he can afford insurance before he is... show more

Is my mechanic cheating me?

11 answers · Maintenance & Repairs · 8 hours ago
I just got my car back after putting a used engine inside. The day after its having problems, at first he tells me its the speed sensor but now he says its the fuel pump and it will cost me $500. It seems supicious

Why do people never mention truck driver as an alternative to college?

10 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 5 hours ago
People always say learn a trade, but what about Truck driving? Not all trucking jobs are away from home weeks at a time, many are local home everyday and some can pay in the 50k-60k range from what I have researched. Also, driving is fun as opposed to sitting in an office all day dealing with people. What do you... show more

Can you get a mercedes from the dealer if you have bad credit ?

28 answers · Buying & Selling · 3 days ago
If you filed for bankruptcy recently?

Best answer: Yes. It’s weird at first driving on the road with other cars around in a new car, but you will adapt. It could take a few weeks, a few months or a few years.

Why won't a car dealer take my personal check?

18 answers · Buying & Selling · 2 days ago
If they are worried it will bounce, they can call the bank while I am sitting there and ask if I have enough to cover the check.

Is it fully my fault? Landlord/parking issue?

15 answers · Insurance & Registration · 2 days ago
Best answer: You were way to casual on this issue. As someone said, you thinking the person who's spot was taken would just park somewhere else makes no sense. Why would they park somewhere else and get their car towed? And when the landlord looked up the plate it was not listed to a resident, so they think it is an... show more

Why do so many middle easterners run shady used car dealers?

11 answers · Buying & Selling · 1 day ago
They always lie on their ads saying it’s a perfect, no accident car until you check the carfax and its been in multiple accidents and was just sold at auction. Are all arabs lying **** sellers? Literally every Arab I’ve dealt with has lied about a previously damaged car.

Is there a way to get out of a lease ?

21 answers · Buying & Selling · 3 days ago
I have 2018 Honda vehicle. My lease will be up in Jan 2020 is there anyway I can get out of my lease early or find a loophole in the contract ?