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What are some reasons to get into photography/videography?

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What information can I write on the back of my photos?

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Best answer: My father wrote on the back of photos with month, year, location, event (if relevent), and names of people in the photo. 90 years later, we can look at those pictures and understand the context. Pretty amazing. He also kept wonderful photo albums with information below the photo. Those albums are falling apart... show more

Can you believe I took this majestic photo?

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Best answer: It looks awful to me.

For me it's just dragging some lines with a pen, smudge in a few places and voila, a drawing. But somehow most people seen way too shocked with my drawing. I also do digital drawing which is even easier considering how you have more tools and a lot of functions available, but people get even more shocked over... show more

Edit filters?

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Fillmaking or photography?

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Hi, I would like to ask with what degree i have more chance to find a job

Another of my drawings.?

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Any honest feedback would be much appreciated : )

How do i get an illustrator to work on a comic book?

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I have been working on a script for a comic for over a year now, and I have had zero luck in finding someone who could illustrate it for me. I cannot draw to save my life, I have a lot of drive to get this project going but i have had no luck. Please help!

What kind of foam is used for sculpting?

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There are these purses on Etsy that look like realistic food and they're really cool, but really expensive. I would like to make one myself with my own designs, but can't figure out what material is used. The seller just says they're made of "hard foam," but I was wondering if anyone would be... show more

What do you think of this picture?

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It's from the 1973 Ralph Bakshi film, Heavy Traffic...

Make sure you looks *natural*, so it doesn’t alter eyes much, but rather like smoothes/clears skin, etc. “Beauty filter.” Or are there any apps you use?

Let me make it short and simple. I want to learn how to draw people. Possibly for making my own artwork or comics one day. But I have little understanding for human anatomy and everything I drew lately is out of proportion. I went to the internet for help, and I mostly got these long videos or series of videos... show more

What is the brand of takeaway coffee that has a mermaid logo?

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Can I copy or reference a photo of a famous person to make an art piece?

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I wouldn t be selling it. It would just be for me to practice. The person in particular I wanted to draw was Sergei Polunin, a famous ballet dancer. I recently watched the 2016 documentary called Dancer, and though it d be fun to do a piece of him. I just don t know if it d be right to look at a photo or video of... show more

Best answer: It is perfection, carved from a single block of marble. I got to see it in person a long time ago. It's huge. The detail is stunning, using the natural 'veins' of the marble to appear like the veins under the skin. Follow the link and look at the pictures of the hands. And of course, dat azz!

Best answer: Sounds like you need better pencil control, so practise, practise, practise. Use simple shapes at first and just keep repeating them. If you want to draw long straight lines, you don't want to move your wrist, but limit all movement to your shoulder (and elbow). Same thing for big curves, here you limit all... show more

Is becoming a Graphic Designer a good idea?

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Why do some people look better in pictures than in real life and some look better in real life than in pictures