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So I know this might sound a little ridiculous, but nowadays you can't be too sure. Someone left a pumpkin at my mailbox, and I have no idea who it was. I've left it sitting there for a few days because I'm afraid to move it. I'm afraid someone might have rigged it with an explosive, or something... show more

Would you drink wine with Jesus?

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Best answer: I'll drink wine with anyone.

What is your favorite book?

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Are Angels allowed to lie?

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I'm writing a story and this is something that will come up eventually. I wanted to give a realistic price on this just to keep my story more authentic instead of just going for the $1500 I was originally going to say

Best answer: No.

So far I am thinking of writing for a perspective of a character that is suspicious that there is a homeless person living in an abandoned home nearby. The main character wants to help the person

Best answer: Emma Watson can tap dance and Robbie Coltrane has done a bit of stand up comedy in the past. Not sure they could make that last 8 movies though.

What is your favorite book series?

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Best answer: Saruman's transition was gradual, starting before the series started. But he always considered himself good, and believed he was manufacturing an army that will conquer Sauron. That's the corrupting influence of the rings of power, and the reason Gandalf won't put one on even for a moment. Gandalf... show more

I believe that the existence of God can be found on the scale of our rationality.