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Best answer: Acrophobia Agoraphobia Atychiphobia Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia - I had to copypaste this one. Thalassophobia Claustrophobia Trypophobia Germophobia Hydrophobia Homophobia Islamophobia Aquaphobia Arachnophobia That's all I know

I'm currently writing about a person who's family had been murdered, then he had been taken prisoner and wasn't able to bury them. After he had been saved, he and a couple of his friends had gone back to bury the bodies. They didn't have coffins, so they just picked the bodies up, then buried them.... show more

So when I’m writing I have no problem making up characters, making a story, making a title and just know where my story go’s but one problem I always have is figuring out what I should make the names of the characters. I feel like I can’t ever find a name to me that fits or would stick a character. I like names... show more

How to publish my stories?

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Hi. I had this talent since I was a little boy. Everyone in my family told me you have pure fiction imagination. I love writing fiction stories that can be turned into best selling games or top grossing movies. But I don't know where to start. I can have amazing thoughts but I don't know how to reach people... show more

Best answer: I suppose it's normal to have crushes, I think it shows you are a very imaginative and creative person.

Best answer: I have seen 1st and 3rd pov sections alternate; but with the row of asterisks or another indication of transition between them. You won't know if it would work in your case unless you try it. Do you need to tell the reader the information in the 3rd pov section now, or can your readers find it out when the... show more

Best answer: It's just another version of a celebrity crush. You're attracted to an idealized person who you don't really know and could not possibly have a relationship with. Obviously in this case it's even more impossible. It will run it's course, don't worry.

Best answer: Why do the names have to be so 'original' or 'interesting'? Did J K Rowling bombard the internet for help with 'a name for a boy wizard with black hair and green eyes and a scar on his forehead and the names have to be UNIQUE'? She did not. She chose 'Harry Potter'. Now it's... show more

My school gave me an edition to read, and I have my own edition, translated by someone else so there are some minor differences. Is the difference too significant for use?

Hi, everyone. I'm writing a book about a female psychopath who is a serial killer. In the book she is going to be going by a fake name she picked 5 years before the book takes place. She decided to use a fake name because she was/is in a different line of work, which happens to be in the public eye and she... show more

The day that Avatar Korra died was a painful day for everyone who came to know her. The day that Korra died, the Avatar spirit Raava that lived inside her and all Avatars before her was seen in the mortal world. Raava was so grief-stricken that another one of her precious children, one of her children that knew her... show more