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What is the meaning of life?

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What is your opinion of Solipsism?

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Best answer: Two parts: "I know the Noumenon of I" (meditation of Schopenhauer); and, "I am the only one" (this is illogical; rather, one's Schopenhauerian knowing has no absolute certitude re otherness). Descartes' solipsism was simply radical epistemological questioning; Descartes intuited or... show more

Oh what is life?

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What is your philosophy in life?

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I believe in living life happily with whatever we have in life, let it be insufficient, in complete, but as long as I have good health, I am happy ^_^...!!!

and robots profiling us..? as if there is way to much info, but not for our army of robots they eat that kinda info for breakfast. who would do such a thing..?

Best answer: All the oriental people have blended in and are working hard. Meanwhile the migrant freeloaders are moving in and sitting around collecting benefits or wandering about the streets where you see them.

Best answer: Most of the winners of the Strong Man contests seem to be Scandinavian/ Icelandic

Does knowledge lead to suffering?

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"Whoever increases his knowledge merely increases his heartache" "He who learns must suffer" and "Ignorance is bliss" are all quotes that in varying degrees say the same thing, knowledge leads to suffering. I've been thinking about these quotes since yesterday.. How correct are... show more

Best answer: Yes unfortunately

What is your Life advice?

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Life advice, politics, religion, spirituality, people, work , ect.

Best answer: Right now I'm thinking not philosophically but more politically that much of what the world thinks is going on is a lie by the globalist controllers to keep the world afraid and thereby suppressed. There are no nuclear bombs because nuclear reaction or atomic reaction has never been accomplished by setting... show more

a. B1 has a greater number of unexplained anomalies than B2. b. B1 has a higher number of strong inferential connections among component beliefs than B2. c. B1 is broken up into separate, inferentially disconnected subsystems, and B2 is not. d. B1 is less probabilistically consistent than B2.