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Does the us army have that?

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Where does the stupid woman think Benidorm is?.

Best answer: This bloke, not sure exactly who he is. I think he's some sort of hotel manager who used to be on a reality TV show:

Best answer: It's not always easy. In places where the bodies are all given a funeral and a burial in a cemetery, the deaths can be counted. But in many places, the bodies are left or buried in mass graves. As for the population, many places don't have a census. Even in the US, where the population is counted every 10... show more

I'm female, in the army for one year. I find my commanding officer (a woman) very hot. I know she has an interest in my and has said so. She is, though, hesitant to do anything. I was going to sneak up behind her and lay a big kiss on her neck. Would something like this (and longer term) be frowned upon because... show more

Best answer: You may have a cookie.

Best answer: No, that's just the writers of American Dad being funny.

Best answer: troll

Best answer: it'd be more a perch than a chair

2,4,6 don't have the letter e

Best answer: American

Best answer: It is a bullshit, trust me sissi

Best answer: No, you won't. Unless you're Hillary Clinton.

and the building collapses slowly from the ground floor and the rooftop doesn't break until it starts reaching the ground.