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Best answer: In hundreds of thousands of rounds of shooting, the only squib load I have ever had with factory loaded ammo was Speer .45 ACP with an aluminum case. I doubt the case material had anything to do with it, but low priced ammo with poor quality control might.

Why are liberals trying to take our guns?

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Is Rob Gronkowski the best TE of all time?

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POLL: All-time favorite NFL player nickname?

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Im wondering what would you use i have a .357 magnum revolver loaded with a 180 grain flat lead nose bullets since my 357 is every bit as powerful as a 12 guage and smaller its what i use what do/would you use?

Best answer: I dont like Rock movies, always prefer Bruce Willis

Is Hunting a “sport”?

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What is TRUMPS GOLF SCORE AVERAGE? politcally?

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Best answer: It's already been proven that like everything else he does in life, he cheats at golf.

Is Mike Trout better than Babe Ruth?

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"True" Hit King?

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An article on Yahoo refers to Ichiro Suzuki, who retired yesterday, as the "true hit king". But is he, really? Suzuki accumlated 3,089 hits in his 18-year major league career, 1,167 less than Pete Rose had in his 24-year career. But Suzuki also played 9 years in Japan and had 1,278 so his 27-year total... show more

Just seen the goals from the Scotland game ,your team are rubbish?

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Best answer: That's hardly breaking news!

Should they ban gay NFL players like Odell Beckham?

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