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I sent an angry letter to Netflix?

16 answers · 3 days ago
I'm about to ******* lose it. Netflix screwed over Blockbuster in 2010 because they wouldn't buy them. Recently, Blockbuster closed down one of their last stores, leaving only one in the United States. I'm a 59 year old white conservative male and I can see how greedy and corrupt America has become... show more

How do I return a package?

9 answers · 1 day ago
I'm returning a package for the first time from eBay and the seller already paid for the return label, but now what do I do with it? I tried leaving it in my mailbox thinking the mailman would take it, but he didn't. So where am I supposed to take it to get it shipped?

Best answer: It means it left one facility and is on its way to another one. Not sure what else to say about that.

1st Daughter: 21 years old (22 in September), graduated from an honors college, was an RA, studied fashion merchandising has a 50,000 a year full-time job offer (assistant store manager) before even graduating 2nd Daughter: Dropped out in 10th grade when she was 15. Got a GED. Worked at Forever 21 (retail) for a... show more

I am trying to send a remote control helicopter to the from the UK to the USA I sent it by Parcel Force but it was returned to me today - they'd opened it at customs and returned it because it contains a battery. Written on the outside of the parcel is " Send by surface mail only - do not fly" Does... show more

My stepmother's kids were left the house and 2 holiday homes. My brother and I were left a business that went broke by our stepmom. We live pay check to pay check and have a hard time paying our rent off every month. My older brother is on medical leave for cancer treatment. Do we have to pay her business... show more

Best answer: one

A company I quit because they did shady stuff to me keep getting bad reviews on yelp. There’s like 7 new reviews from the last 15 days and each are negative with one star. Most of the reviews are complaining about management. What’s the likely hood they’ll get in trouble?

It only takes a sec!! In details?

5 answers · 7 days ago
Look please help a guy out it will take 5 seconds just register and your good to go https://arep.co/hm2cT1

I did not have my own shipping label so the label they put on at the post office and the number I have on the site I sold on are different? I didn’t have a printer(but I purchased one so I can print my own shipping labels now) but I had the shipping labels sent to my email but just handwritten the address of the... show more

Best answer: I think your approach is a sound one; ask leading questions about becoming a better employee ask about the VP's own experiences, things like that.

I don't know what she's trying to do, if she's just wanting me to suffer and get a root canal or if she's just telling me to wait due to my insurance covering it.