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Why do teens these days have horrible taste in music?

151 answers · Rock and Pop · 3 days ago
You say One Direction, I say the Beatles You say Taylor Swift, I say Fleetwood Mac You say Justin Bieber, I say Nirvana You say Ariana Grande, I say Queen You say 5 Seconds of Summer, I say AC/DC You say Austin Mahone, I say Metallica You say Katy Perry, I say Joan Jett You say Pop, I say Rock 'n' Roll You... show more

Beatles vs Queen?

21 answers · Rock and Pop · 24 hours ago
Me and my friend are trying to come to a conclusion who is best. Who does everybody prefer?

Does anyone like the Beatles anymore ?

12 answers · Rock and Pop · 13 hours ago
Best answer: The Beatles were a worldwide phenomenon, and arguably one of the main voices of 60's culture. They spoke to *that* generation. The fact that anybody other than aging hippies still listens to them is a measure of their greatness. Yet, there is a Sirius XM Beatles channel. The public has a seemingly insatiable... show more

Why didn’t Dolly Parton have children?

32 answers · Country · 5 days ago

What eerie, ,unsettling, creepy music would you suggest?

6 answers · Other - Music · 2 days ago
Trying to add to the scary experience in a horror game I've been playing. Thanks

Mine is Rocket Man


9 answers · Other - Music · 5 days ago

Do you like Pop music?

36 answers · Rock and Pop · 6 days ago

Best holiday song ever?

10 answers · Lyrics · 2 days ago
Can be for any holiday, just needs to be the best song ever

Favourite happy sad songs?

9 answers · Rock and Pop · 2 days ago
Best answer: Insecurities - LOVA Mr. Fear - Siames Pity Party -Melanie Martinez Teen Idle - Marina and the Diamonds Oh No! - Marina and the Diamonds Stressed Out - 21 Pilots Weak - AJR Sober Up - AJR Hard Out Here - Lily Allen Happier - Marshmello ft. Bastille (at least, when you think about it, this song is not a happy one) Oh... show more

What Are The Best Classic Rock Debut Albums Of All Time!?

13 answers · Rock and Pop · 3 days ago
Best answer: Please Please Me - The Beatles The Doors - The Doors Elvis Presley - Elvis Presley The Rollings Stones - The Rolling Stones Are You Experienced - The Jimi Hendrix Experience In the Court of the Crimson King - King Crimson The Velvet Underground and Nico - The Velvet Underground The Plastic Ono Band - John Lennon... show more

Why is hip hop music the most popular genre nowadays?

8 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 2 days ago
Best answer: Because once the white kids start to get accepted by the hip hop culture they want to take it over. White people are the largest population of people in the United States so that’s why it’s the most popular.

i have a Rock band and we are about 27-30.we want this 19 years old drummer so bad because of his mad skills

I've never heard a new band that actually sounds good. There is a lack of talent in the rock scene. The new bands care about what they look like and what they're wearing instead of the music.

Best answer: No I can't say I ever had a particular affinity for that song and I've worked my way through most Zeppelin at some point. It isn't Whole Lotta Love, Black Dog, Misty Mountain Hop, or Immigrant Song. It is more Stairwayish and not in a good way.

What are your top four Biggie songs?

9 answers · Rap and Hip-Hop · 2 days ago

any and all parents who do this, be the ones accused of sexual abuse and be arrested for it? Please explain your answer. Thanks.

I love Marty Robbins music, what about you?

10 answers · Country · 5 days ago
Best answer: While Robbins was a gifted singer, I felt that his songwriting was outstanding.  He had a genuine affection for western music, and added to that genre.  El Paso, in my opinion, is not just a great example, but a perfect example of the type.  It is one of the songs I recommend to novice songwriters wanting to... show more

Why is the music today, so utter crap?

22 answers · Rock and Pop · 5 days ago
Best answer: You quit looking for it, dumbass Tis the internet era and your lame radio is long dead (thank god!). There is great music today if only you'd learn how to find it then we wouldn't have to listen to such utter... show more

How many songs did Elvis P compose?

8 answers · Rock and Pop · 3 days ago
Best answer: As far as I know, Elvis Presley didn't compose any songs, at least none that were on record.