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Need help with geography homework?

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Many people argue that since Earth has heated and cooled naturally in the past, the current warming we are experiencing must be natural and not due to human influence… Provide a succinct argument against this statement and in support of the fact that humans are in fact largely responsible for current global warming.

How many miles can I drive on $100 worth of gas in my car? My car gets 17 miles per gallon and the gas will be at priced $4.10 per gallon

Describe a possible scenario. Be as creative as possible

Is Guatemala an African country?

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The essay should be an informative essay and it should be around 1500 words. What do you guys think I should include in the essay? What topics and ideas?

for the 1 percent.

Best answer: Cut it up i to 3.... the big rectangle...21 x 3 = 63 sq cm. the square.....5 x 5 = 25 sq cm The semi circle ...3.16 x 1.5 x 1.5/ 2 = 3.5 sq cm. Total....91.5 sq cm.