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Best answer: Lots of businesses allow freedom. I worked my butt off and saved for many years to start mine. It was very risky too.

Best answer: First see if Pizza Nova is a publicly traded company. If it is, then save $500 and get an E-trade account and then buy $500 worth of Pizza Nova stock. Every time you get more more stock. When the value of your stock is enough to buy a Pizza Nova franchise, you sell the stock and do that or sell the... show more

How to grow a small business?

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The manager never understands anything and doesn't comprehend my ability to understand things. They just want to act like tyrants or some secret society of morons. Nothing even works properly and when you bring it up they get angry. Instead of the way it's supposed to be where people actually care about... show more

Best answer: Far more complicated and costly than you think. At least $20k and some business acumen.

I’m trying to make some money by making polymer clay jewelry sweets like donut and ice cream etc ..) and fruits my trainer said it’s best to stick in this field and when I master start selling them on line is it a good idea or do I need to make other stuff rather than sweets ? Or if you were customer do you buy ?

Best answer: There are almost surely some who ran out of money before they ever got open.

Best answer: You can buy handmade chocolates on etsy and they make it at home. Maybe try that to start off with so you won't be spending a great deal of money without selling anything.

Best answer: That's going to be a local ordinance. Contact the local building code department and ask them. You may not find this specific answer online (you might...but with a ton of digging). Generally, no hood would be required on one of the devices used by dominos and the like. I don't think Ontario cares, but... show more

I joined a ski club and everyone has a personalized jacket except for me. The manufacturer said effective 2018, the minimum order is 300. All have a jacket except for me and there are only 75 members. Any suggestions on how I can get the same ski jacket.

Best answer: It creates jobs but also waste, time and money. What some see as a gimmick others see as useful. One example is the bumbo. A special seating device for babies. It is not needed and an absolute waste of money. Babies will sit up when they are ready. A ridiculous idea. But others would argue against me. I guess it is... show more

What is the difference between the need for self-esteem and the need for achievements? because they both have similar ideas, which is feeling good about accomplishing something.

I work in the automotive industry and I have a business plan similar to the place I work for already. Can I register a business name and start it up while still working for this company and then quit and focus on my business? Which will basically be the same business I m doing now but in my own name? I m in Ontario... show more

Best answer: If that is his only income, he will not owe any income taxes. However, he will owe Self-Employment tax which is about 15% of his net income. If he just set's aside 15% of what he makes each month, he should be fine come tax time.