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Rate hillary clinton's looks on a scale of 1 to 10?

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What is yout favorite Nicki Minaj song?

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Best answer: probably "no frauds"

Best answer: Reminder The Hudson Bay Company was founded 106 years before the USA was

Best answer: Republican hypocrisy about family values is staggering. In France and Germany working moms and dads get extensive paid maternity and paternity leave, and free daycare after that. That's real family values.

Should memoirs be funny?

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Best answer: There is never any 'should' about writing except that you 'should' never bore your readers.

Best answer: It doesn't sound like she's coming back. She's been planning this for quite some time. Perhaps she needed a place to stay but when you two were about to move into your own apartment together, the lie she was living was getting too big. You even said yourself, you knew something was up and so you got... show more

My girlfriend of two years who I loved more then anyone I've ever loved left me without notice one day before we move into a apartment. She's 20 I'm 24 she moved all her stuff out of my room when I was at work last week told me she didnt want to move because It was to 30 minutes from our hometown. That... show more

How do I get my ex back of two years who just packed all her stuff up and left without explanation? She just packed all her stuff stopped coming to see me. I begged for over a week for her to tell me what's going on and she said everything was fine. Then on Tuesday I look at she took all of our pictures down on... show more

Will firearms, especially assault rifles, be removed from novels?

What effect will the Florida shooting have on novels?

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Will writers remove firearms, especially assault weapons, from their novels and the characters only use knives, fists, etc.?

Are jokes about German sausages just the wurst?

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