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Paying for my vehicle HELP????????

13 answers · Yala · 2 weeks ago
Im a 23 year old guy, and i got myself in a mess. So i began financing a truck that i needed for my construction job. My contract with the dealer is for 7 years, and i will be paying $222 biweekly. My truck is $23,000 and my credit is good, but can i still go To my back and ask for a loan or is that... show more

I keep catching myself stalking another user. I follow with every account I think is he is, and obsess over him all day. All because I am trying to prove my misguided accusations the heat is four or five other users. Why am I such a pathetic little puppy?

What kind of things are nice to eat in Thailand?

0 answers · Bangkok · 3 months ago
Best answer: My favorite Thai dish is khao paht, a rice dish that traditionally contains crab, shrimp, and ham. Practically, it is made as a clean-out-the-refrigerator fried rice. It is very similar to the Indonesian nasi goreng.

I often see articles claiming that Bangkok is "the street food capital of the world". According to many of these articles, you can't walk 20 metres without seeing a world class dish as a cheap price. Seriously? I was in Silom the other day, which is a MAIN PART OF BANGKOK. And I walked around for... show more

Can anyone suggest me restaurant in Phuket? Where can I try the best local cuisine? Thanks for helping!

Best answer: He didn't. He said the exact opposite. Obviously.

Best answer: He wants to add us to his list of bankruptcies and failures.

So Im going to Thailand, and I want some advice regarding drinking alcohol there... the thing is that I don't drink , never had a sip before so I don't know what I should have or even how to order in bars. can anyone give me a like a starter guide on how to drink and what to drink? what are some popular... show more

Why does yahoo take so long to respond?

7 answers · Yahoo Answers · 2 years ago

Best answer: Shut your NlGGER *** up

Should users under 13 be reported?

7 answers · Phuket · 2 years ago

I HATE being 11 years old?

5 answers · Phuket · 2 years ago
Best answer: I felt the exact same way at your age. My advice is don't wish away that youth. I wanted so bad to be older and poof, now I'm 35. Pretty soon, poof I'll be 70. I want time to stand still or run backwards for a while. Enjoy your youth. Savor as long as you can.

Professor MUST be an expert on homosexuality, right?

11 answers · Nakhon Si Thammarat · 2 years ago
Best answer: The Professor must have got his PhD from Trump University. That makes him a fraud doesn't it?

There is an international agreement made by 185 countries that agreed that fighting on US soil would not happen.

Food and travelling expenses in bangkok?

4 answers · Bangkok · 2 years ago

Where can i get good Thai food in Bangkok?

9 answers · Bangkok · 3 years ago